Countdown of 14 Bands That Will Rule 2014, #4 goes to The Pretty Reckless

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We are in the # 4 spot on our Countdown of Bands that will rule in 2014 and the honor goes to The Pretty Reckless.  They are on fire right now and their highly anticipated full length album, “Going To Hell”  hasn’t even been released. They have had great success this year with a couple of their singles off their new album and had a successful Going To Hell fall tour so far.

We had the opportunity to catch them on their Going To Hell tour when they stopped in San Francisco at Slim’s.  One thing is for sure The Pretty Reckless has amazing stage presence and their songs are so damn good. Taylor Momsen has stated in the past that her musical influences are Kurt Cobain and Joan Jett and that is exactly what you get with her! She has this amazing grunge style with this rockin attitude and knows how to work the crowd.  Ben Phillips on lead guitar and backing vocals was spot on and had some incredible guitar licks and cool slide. Mark Damon on the bass took control of the left side of the stage as he plucked out solid bass lines without ever losing his shades, he is a cool cat. Jamie Perkins delivered such precision drumming it was as if you were listening to the original drum tracks, insane! Then you go back to center stage and Taylor has you mesmerized with her charismatic energy. She really has a magnetic personality and you can’t help but fall in love with her voice!  You can read more about that night here.You can check out a tribute video that Rockin Ryan put together which features footage and photos from their San Francisco show here:


Well, there is no letting up for The Pretty Reckless. Singer Taylor Momsen once was quoted about touring,“For me, there’s nothing better than playing a show every night. You can call it a job, I just call it a really long commute.”  They definitely have a list of long commutes coming ahead. They recently announced they will be touring for Fall Out Boys’ Save Rock and Roll European Tour 2014 as well as the 2014 SnoCore Festival which features another of our faves, Heaven’s Basement. 

This year they released, two great singles (available on Itunes). First was their title track of their upcoming album, Going to Hell and it had the music scene immediately take notice. Their strong fan base quickly fell in love with it, but also they gained a ton of new fans, when people really began to take notice of their well crafted music and how it has developed.  You can check out the single here:


The next single, Heaven Knows just blew me away when I first heard it. DAMN this song is AMAZING!  It has an old school rock circa Joan Jett/Runaways vibe and the catchiest sing along part on the air today.Taylor has truly proven to be a Rock Goddess that is on top of the charts these days.Make sure to head over to Itunes and pick it up today.

We will be be heading down to Southern California to catch their shows. The Pretty Reckless put on one of the most amazing shows, they are on fire from start to finish and you just can’t help but ROCK OUT!  So make sure to head over to their website and check all the dates and don’t miss them. Next year, if you can imagine will be an even bigger year yet for The Pretty Reckless.

~ Marisol

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