Get ready, it is going to get hot in here…. For Day 6 of 12 Days of Guitarists, we bring to you Brody DeRozie of American Monster from Las Vegas. We had the opportunity to watch Brody play with Hell or Highwater during the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento.  Brody is a madman on his guitar!  He is belting out riffs, smoking solos  and he just makes it look so easy. You can definitely tell that he loves playing and is a crowd pleaser.

We had the opportunity to talk with Brody about American Monster and he told us,  “American Monster is slotted to have a debut show back onstage in the early winter months of 2014 with the original lineup in Las Vegas. The following months will consist of shows in the southwest region of the US with some pretty familiar bands. In spring, we plan to record new songs, while re introducing original singer Mikey Lorenzo to the heavier current AM sound. Also as promised, merchandise! T-shirts, sticker, posters, etc.”

We are so excited to see and hear more of American Monster. To hear that they are back and ready to ROCK is music to my ears! When we asked about what is in store for 2014, Brody mentioned, “2014 is %100 American Monster. This band has a lot to offer the music world and I’m proud to be apart of it.”

American Monster


So in 2014, you will get to see a lot more of Brody’s high energy guitar playing. Check out a video of Brody shredding at Vinyl in Las Vegas here:


Brody is also included in our Holiday Q & A and we can give you first peak at his responses here:

* * * * * *

What is the oddest gift you have ever received?

One year my great grandma got everyone these super ugly matching hats, we took a pic together with them and never saw the hats again.

What is your favorite Holiday Food Item?

Stuffing. Ill get down on that for sure. haha

What is your favorite Holiday family tradition that you still do today?

Getting the see all the So Cal family!

Do you have a favorite holiday movie or song?

A Christmas story. Some channel plays it for 24 hrs straight every year and I always end up watching it a few times. the Gremlins too. Love it!

Do you have a specific memory of a certain ornament or holiday decoration?

A Kiss ornament that I’ve had since I was a kid. Don’t know how its still in tact.



* * * * * *

Make sure to visit Brody’s Facebook page here and other social media links to stay up to date on the latest American Monster news. You will definitely be hearing more from American Monster in 2014!  I will leave you with a couple videos. First, is the tribute video that Rockin Ryan put together for Hell or Highwater set from Aftershock that features Brody and second, is one of my favorite American Monster songs, “Skies of Fire”.

~ Enjoy, Marisol



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