Red9 release new video for “Ignoramus”

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Concerts, Hard Rock, New Music, New Release, rock, Video
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The video is finally here! Red9 released their video for “Ignoramus” from their new album “Under Dark Skies”. Their album is filled with some KICK ASS Rock n Roll and you can read my full review of it here.

It is a great video and I just love the bad ass bass in that song! It  dark edgy sound with an exuberant build up that just delivers another well composed song from Red9.The video is incredibly entertaining and was directed by Raúl Gonzales (RSM Creative).  Red9 does seem to put out some of the best videos in the industry lately! Check out the video here:


These guys are a powerhouse of rock and adrenaline. Red9 is Paul ‘Friz” Frislie on guitars, Giovanni ‘Gio” Fuentes and Jeff on bass and vocals. Together they create a true rock sound and I am hoping for a Bay Area show soon. I am going to need my Red9 Fix! They have a sound similar to Tool and a grungier Nine Inch Nails. Jeff on bass really captivates you with his exploding bass lines and his vocals. Paul just exudes energy while he is ripping out blazing riffs. Gio brings it all together with his sold heavy drumming.  Together they create great rock and roll. 

“Under Dark Skies” is an incredibly well composed album that deserves to be on your play list! So what are you doing sitting here? You should be heading over to Amazon, Itunes or CD Baby to get this awesome CD from Red9! Definitely one for the playlist!  

~ Crank it up loud,


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