Today is Day 2 of our Guitarists and we are proud to bring you Sid Glover of Heaven’s Basement. Sid is a madman on his Gibson.  We saw Sid a couple times this year and he just doesn’t disappoint.  Heaven’s Basement quickly rose to fame in the States this year and we couldn’t wait to see Sid play live at Aftershock Festival in September. It was our first time seeing them and it was awesome to see them play the big Monster stage.  Read more about their Aftershock performance here.

In October we had the opportunity to see Heavens Basement play a smaller venue  in San Francisco when they opened up for The Pretty Reckless. It was a packed house at Slim’s and it was a stellar evening that included Louna from Russia and the whole night was amazing!

Here is a video interview we did with Sid and Aaron from Heaven’s Basement when they played in San Francisco.


Heaven’s Basement truly has an incredible electrifying stage presence. These four guys give a 150% of themselves out on that stage and it continues from the first note to the last song.  It is amazing to watch as they must high octane adrenaline running through those veins.  Sid to the right of the stage, always delivers intensity and blistering guitars as the crowd goes wild for him. 

During their U.S. tour, Heaven’s Basement had the pleasure to see their blazing single, “Fire, Fire” rise up the Active Rock Charts.  Their album, “Filthy Empire” is full of hits and is one of those albums that you listen to from start to finish with no fillers. “I Am Electric” has recently become my Go To song to get amped/pumped up and then of course the rockin song “Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch”. Another highlight of the album is the bluesy rock song of “Lights Out in London”.  This album really is a great treasure and you will soon have it on replay in no time.   You can pick up your copy on Itunes,  Amazon, and their online store. 

So we are proud to feature the bad ass guitar work of Sid Glover as our Day 2 of Guitarists! Make sure to check him out on their social media sites and fall in love with his captivating stage presence! Here are some more photos of Heaven’s Basement and Sid in action by Rockin Ryan:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Also check out this KILLER Tribute Video that Rockin Ryan made to “Nothing Left to Lose” with footage and photos from the San Francisco show:


So there you have it our Day 2 Guitarist, Sid Glover  from Heaven’s Basement –   Pure Hard Rock n Roll with no Fluff!!!  They have been touring extensively worldwide with over 160 shows in 19 countries and there is no stopping them. If you see Heaven’s Basement coming to a town near you, get yourself there!

~ Marisol

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    AAAAAAHHHHHHH YUMMY. YUMMMMMYYYY and his guitar work is good too but he is YUMMMMMMYYYY

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