Day 6 of 12 Days of Bands You Have To Know is for Switchblade Serenade

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Switchblade Serenade

Today we are on our Day 6 of 12 Days of Bands You Have To Know and the honor goes to Switchblade Serenade. My son Rockin Ryan introduced me to them earlier this year. Every time he would play them, I would always about who is that band? I love them and their straight up rock n roll. As you know ’80s rock is finally making a comeback. I call it ’80s on replay style rock n roll.  Switchblade Serenade definitely are doing it right and delivering some great style ’80s rock but with an updated sound. They have the rocker look and the musical talent to back it up!

Check out one of my favorite songs by them, Switchblade Susie here:


Switchblade Serenade is Austin Jaser on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Luke Barone on Drums and Vocals and Ed Mandevil on Bass and Vocals.  These three young guys bring a great big sound that you have to take notice of. They are from New Haven, CT and you can definitely feel their musical influences such as Skid Row, Guns n Roses and Motley Crue come to life in their tunes.

They have recently finished putting the final touches on their new 9 song album, “Alive at Night” and it will be released in early 2014.  Take a listen to their song, “Who are You” from their upcoming album here:


So make sure to check out these bad ass rockers and show them some love on their social media sites. We will keep you updated as to the release date of their new album and see if we can bring you an interview with these young talented ROCKERS!

~ Marisol

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Switchblade Serenade

  1. Ooh! I love these guys already- for their name alone! Thanks, MJP! :))

  2. Mark Sabre says:

    SIRE PRODUCTIONS Stages In Rock Entertainment Behind Switchblade Serenade 1000% We had them on a few shows of ours and these boys deliver the goods! True believers in my book with some hard kicking vibe of talent!

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