Calling all “THE CRAZIES”, it is time to Rock! New video by Beauty in the Suffering

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Bands, Entertainment, Hard Rock, Industrial Rock, Metal, music, New Music, New Release, rock, Video
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Beauty in the Suffering

Beauty in the Suffering have just released their much anticipated video for “The Crazies (The Zombie Song)” and it is everything you want in a zombie song!  The  video was directed by Jonathan Shahan andMike Walsh of Rev Hi-Fi Productions, the mixing performance footage with a horde of zombies descending on the band.

Beauty in the Suffering really have a great sound, think a blend of Rob Zombie, Murderdolls and Marilyn Manson. They bring their Electro-Metal Hard Rock to life and raise the level of intensity and energy. The Crazies is set to be the first of three zombie themed songs and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  Beauty in the Suffering is the brainchild of the talented DieTrich Thrall and has become a supergroup featuring an ever-expanding lineup that includes veterans from American Head Charge, Dope, Genitorturers, Skinlab, Razorblade Dolls and many more. This Check out their video for “The Crazies (The Zombie Song)” which is written, programmed, arranged, performed, and produced by DieTrich Thrall:


BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING is one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on lately. DieTrich is insanely precise in the studio and has a great vision for where his songs need to be and the DIY ability and attitude to get it done right. DieTrich has also brought in some amazing studio musicians to help round out a unique and catchy collection of gritty and electronic based songs. I can’t wait to get them out there for the world to here!” – Provo Provenzano of Pirated Sound Studios.

It is definitely an exciting project and Make sure to check out Beauty in the Suffering social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news. You can also  We will try and bring you an interview with the amazingly talented DieTrich Thrall and find out what else is in store for us! Time to call out all the crazies and crank up some Beauty in the Suffering. 

~ Marisol

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Beauty in the Suffering

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