decoded release new EP Topanga and it is a gift to my ears!

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Bands, Concerts, Entertainment, Indie Rock, music, New Music, New Release, rock
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I just had the opportunity to listen to the new album by Derek Jordan’s band, decoded.  Decoded has been through  well over a dozen member changes since their 2012 start but through it all frontman Derek Jordan and drummer Heather Miller weathered the changes and came out on top. They recently released their new EP Topanga and it is amazing! Today decoded is Derek Jordan, Heather Miller, Ian McCulloch and Amy Clark.

It starts right off with a catchy down n dirty tune, Topanga that has a punk vibe to it. The energy it gives off will have you moving in no time. Some other highlights of the EP is the mesmerizing bass line in Last Night and the jazzy rock style and some sweet ass guitar of Red Handed. Not Easy Being Alone is truly my favorite song, it almost has a 60’s feel to it, psychedelic rock era . The lyrics emotionally draw you in and the vocals of Derek are mysterious yet commanding. He has an amazingly unique voice that I could listen to all day!!!! He not only has a powerful voice but you can’t help but be held captive by it, it is hypnotic, sexy and just takes a hold of you.

Topanga was recorded at The Fortress and Kingsize Soundlabs and mixed and mastered by David Rieley.  You can head over to decoded‘s Facebook page or their bandcamp page and download it now. You can also order the physical CD which I think is the best way to go and it includes the immediate download of the album.  It is also available on Itunes here.


If you are in the Southern California area, make sure to head out to their upcoming show on December 11th at The Viper Room. I am hoping we can get down there to see this awesome band play.


For now, make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on all things decoded! We will try and bring you an interview with Derek Jordan in the next couple weeks.

~ Marisol

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