Thirsty Thursday spotlight is White Chocolate Thunder from Canada

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Bands, Entertainment, music, New Music, New Release, Pop, Punk Rock, Thirsty Thursday, Uncategorized
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White Chocolate Thunder

Here we are on another Thursday which means our weekly spotlight on a new band that is thirsty for rock n roll! This week the band is White Chocolate Thunder and they are from Calgary, Alberta Canada. They are four guys who have a great rock/pop/punk feel to them. I hate placing them in a genre or category… so put it this way…. they fucking rock and have great energy and good songs!

You have Johnny Molyneaux on Vocals and he reminds me of a young Chris Robinson of Black Crowes. His vocals are awesome. Then you have the fierce Jordan Tavares on Guitar and the energetic Braaeden Riehl on  Bass. Behind it all and bringing it home with solid drumming is Tanner Statham. Check them out in their video for a KICK ASS song, “No Regrets“:


“No Regrets” is off of their new EP, No Pants, Just Dance. which is available at their shows. So if you enjoy your rock with a side of punk attitude you will like White Chocolate Thunder! Visit their social media sites and follow this new band on their rock journey.

~ Marisol

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