Check out Slack Armada for some mystical instrumental music!

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Alternative, Entertainment, Instrumental, music, Shoegaze
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Slack Armada

Chicago solo artist Slack Armada releases his new EP of mystical instrumental music reminiscent of early shoegaze electronica. James Hrabak is the founder and creator of Slack Armada and did not only all the instruments but all the production of recording, mixing and mastering on this four song self titled EP.

James literally brings the music to life without vocals and tells stories with each songs that float through your mind. James explains more about not using vocals, “The absence of vocals wasn’t a conscious decision at the beginning, As I was building up the tracks, I thought ‘Maybe I can make the music speak to somebody without the additional guide of a human voice.’ I wanted to let the listener be transported with fewer guideposts.”  Well he truly succeeded in that manner and it is quite a journey that he takes you on.

The songs literally have depth and texture to them that you can almost feel as you listen. James lists some of his influences as Four Tet, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and Boards of Canada.  His first song on the EP Rebirth is truly magical and almost paints a majestic scenery as you listen to it; feeling as if you are taking your first breath. Amazing work! Looper brings in some melodic guitars and a catchy rhythm.

So these days when we are literally overrun with thoughts and things to do, why not take some time sit back and enjoy the spectacular soundscape that Slack Armada created. Check out the EP and make sure to visit their social media sites.

~ Marisol

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  1. jimhrabak says:


    Thank you so much for the kind review. I really appreciate the feedback!

    Best wishes,
    Jim Hrabak

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