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Just last week, I told you about Todd Morse and his wonderful project,Toddsplanet. They did the most amazing cover of the AC/DC classic, “Back in Black”. If you missed it, check our post here.

You might know Todd from H20 as well as touring with The Offspring but I want you to get to know more about Todd and his new project, TODDSPLANET.  They recorded the song at DPS Studios and it was produced by MA3 Productions. You can check out the cover here:

Todd has been busy with his music but that is just the way he loves it. Learn more about Todd Morse in our recent interview with him.

* * * *

Music Junkie Press: Todd, we first have to say that your cover with TODDSPLANET is absolutely amazing! What was behind the making of the cover?

Todd: I’ve had the idea to do “Back In Black” that way for about five years. It’s such a classic song that everyone knows, but when bands try and play it like AC/DC it always falls short in my opinion. Besides, I can’t sing like Brian Johnson so I had to give it my own twist!

Music Junkie Press: Well I am glad you gave it your twist, because it is awesome! How did Toddsplanet get started?

Todd: I wanted to do a cover band that was creative, that approached classic songs in an artistic way. I also missed the soulful approach to rock music that comes with a horn section and female back up singers. I love the Rolling Stones and Bob Marley And The Wailers because of all those extra elements moving the songs.

Music Junkie Press: You have been so busy touring with The Offspring and H20, how did you find a time for TODDSPLANET or is it something that you have been working on for a while?

Todd:  Music doesn’t stop for me when I’m off the road. I get depressed if I go too long without playing live. I came to realize I’m not the guy that can sit in front of a computer screen recording all day. I need to put music in the air and watch how it vibrates people.

Music Junkie Press:  I have watched some of the videos out of Toddsplanet and really loving it! There is so much passion in your performances, will there be more music from Toddsplanet? i.e. tour, CD, etc.

Todd:  Thanks! TODDSPLANET live IS what it’s all about. I’m only making videos to introduce the band. As a tool to book gigs.  The next song and video will be an original I wrote called “My Shoes” We are mainly a cover band, but many great bands start out that way. It’s important to study the classics.

Music Junkie Press:  I am so looking forward to “My Shoes”! How old were you when  you first realized that music was the career path you wanted to follow?

Todd:  I asked my dad for a guitar when I was like 4 years old but I never thought about making money at it until I joined H2O in my late 20’s

Music Junkie Press:  You started young with the guitar. Do you have any specific song writing process?

Todd:  It starts in different ways for me, a riff, a beat or just picking something up out of the silence, out of the ether. For me, the most important frame to build a song around is the vocal melody

Music Junkie Press:  Growing up, what were the most influential artists for you?

Todd:  I grew up on punk rock. Bands like The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and the Dead Kennedys. The Clash opened up my mind to other styles like reggae. blues, and funk. As punk rock became more sanitized and mainstream I started gravitating backwards to blues, soul and roots music. I joined Juliette And The Licks in 2002 and finally had a chance to start writing and performing songs that had that classic and timeless influence, blended with my punk roots.

Music Junkie Press:  I love the punk rock influences and blues is always in my heart. If you could go back and talk to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to yourself?

Todd: Learn how to write great songs first, before anything. Great songs bring you real fans. Record deals, managers, videos and fancy gear all mean nothing without great songs and true fans to connect with.

Music Junkie Press:  If I could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might I be most surprised about finding in there?

Todd:  Vocal warm ups and Offspring songs ha ha it’s a work tool for me. I’m a Spotify guy.

Music Junkie Press:  What is in store for TODDSPLANET, H20 and Offspring for 2014?

Todd: TODDSPLANET will continue recording and the plan is to start playing lot’s of shows in early 2014. H2O are writing a new record in 2014 with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory producing again. Next spring will be the 20th anniversary of the Offspring classic “Smash” so I imagine I will be busy!

Music Junkie Press:  I can’t wait to see TODSPLANET come to town!! I am very excited about the new H2O album! With the holidays coming up….  What was the oddest gift you have ever received?

Todd: I think I got a Chia Pet once

Music Junkie Press:  I remember those! What is your favorite holiday food?

Todd: Mashed potatoes and vegan stuffing!

Music Junkie Press:  What is your favorite holiday tradition and do you still do it?

Todd: yes, whiskey!

Music Junkie Press:  Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

Todd: Yes, I will try really hard not to waste your time with any music that isn’t 100 % from the heart and fun!


* * * *

That is exciting news about TODDSPLANET touring, a new H2O album and the 20th anniversary of The Offspring “SMASH”. It definitely will be a busy year for Todd. He is such a fantastic and talented musician and it was an honor to interview him. Make sure to visit his social media sites so you can stay up to date on all  his latest news!

~ Enjoy, Marisol


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