Tonight Alive return to San Francisco for a stellar performance!

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Australian rockers, Tonight Alive returned to San Francisco last night for their “The Other Side” tour show at Slim’s.  They were here last year as they opened for Pierce the Veil but this time the show was all theirs as part of their U.S. headlining tour in support of their new album, “The Other Side”.

One thing is for sure, they put on a stellar performance that is filled with high energy and created a crowd camaraderie that cannot be rivaled. Tonight Alive‘s music is filled with empowering and uplifting lyrics as well as songs that people can emotionally connect to.  Jenna McDougall, frontwoman, has been quoted before as saying, ““A lot of people have said that we saved their lives and that our music got them through really difficult times. To be that band for people is amazing because it was music that got us through difficult times ourselves. The band’s message is about not living in the fear of other people’s judgement, not being held back by other people’s opinions, about having self-worth. That’s something that’s carried over to our latest album too from a different perspective; there’s truly a silver lining to everything”

Their show last night proved that and much more as we watched men and women of all ages sing along to the songs and many even had tears in their eyes as Jenna gave advice to the crowd about being proud of who you are and to not let being judged take you down.  It was truly magical and I definitely wished I had someone like her to listen to when I was a young teen.

Tonight Alive

Then you have the amazing Cam, Jake and Whakaio on guitars and bass. They just have some fierce energy and excellent stage presence that captivates the crowd. Matt on drums brings it all home with his solid drumming.  What an amazing band and I am already looking forward to the next time we see them.  They mentioned they will be returning in Spring and we will see if we can bring you an interview at that time.  Here is a tribute video that Rockin Ryan made to Lonely Girl which includes footage and photos from their San Francisco performance:


You can take a look at some of the photos that were taken by our photographer, Rockin Ryan from last night’s set here:

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Meanwhile, make sure to pick up their album on iTunes , “The Other Side” which is filled with great songs and a couple of my favorites are  “Lonely Girl” and “The Ocean”.  Check out their video for another one of my faves, “Coming Home” here:

~ Marisol

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