SF Bat Kid to the rescue in San Francisco today!

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Breaking News
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So how about a great feel good story amidst all the headlines of bad or depressing news???  Today through the Make-A-Wish-Foundation a young 5 year old, Miles Scott spent the day saving San Francisco as Bat Kid!  Young Miles as diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 18 months old, he ended his treatments earlier this year and is in remission. Miles wish was to spend the day as Batman.


Miles came to San Francisco in order to pick up a Batman costume, little did he know over 7,000 volunteers have worked hard together to make his wish come true as he would fight crime and save San Francisco! Early this morning, it started with Miles watching a news broadcast on KGO-TV with Police Cheif Greg Suh calling for BatKid’s help in San Francisco. His first rescue was as he helped a damsel in distress on the cable car tracks in in Union Square. He then sped off in his Batmobile (a loaned Lambourghini emblazed with the Batman logo) with an adult Batman impersonator and they went off to nab the riddler at a bank on Montgomery St.  Thousands of onlookers watched and cheered as BatKid caught the Riddler in the heist at the bank vault and whisked him away in handcuffs.

A flashmob is scheduled after his lunch to call Batkid to help as the Penguin kidnaps the San Francisco Giant’s mascot – Lou Seal. The day will end with Mayor Ed Lee presenting the key to the city in gratitude of Batkid’s help. The Chronicle even has a special edition being distributed at the flashmob with the headlines “Batkid Saves The City” This is an amazingly touching and wonderful story and everyone should applaud BatKid!

I just love this story and how everyone rallied to make this little boy’s wish come true. He really is the real hero in this story.  You can tweet your messages to SFBatKid or hashtag your messages with #SFBatKid.  Also head over to the Make-a-wish Foundation site and make a donation today so they can help making wishes! Bepatient, their site has been inundated with the Batkid response but keep trying!

~ Marisol

  1. Maria M says:

    Love this story and everyone around him looks as though they had a ball.

  2. I watched all of the San Francisco Bat Kid highlights on MLB Network and I couldn’t stop smiling!! Tremendous, heartwarming story. 🙂

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