Mike Tramp is our Tuesdays Travels Pick of the Week

Posted: October 29, 2013 in '80s Rock, Concerts, music, New Release, rock, Tuesdays Travels
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Mike Tramp

This week our Tuesdays Travels pick takes us over to Copenhagen, Denmark to introduce you to a very familiar voice, Mike Tramp. You may know Mike, (honestly… you better know!) from his years with White Lion and Freak of Nature. I loved and still love White Lion. They are definitely one of those ’80s bands that I continue to keep on my regular playlist.

Mike Tramp has an extensive and successful career with his solo work as well. He most recently released Cobblestone Street earlier this year and it is amazing! This album truly takes you on a soulful journey with music through Mike’s life.  He has mentioned that all of his songs have come from just playing the old faithful acoustic guitar and singing.

Mike mentions that this album is what like coming home after a long journey. Mike says, “I am not lost, I am not confused, I am not taking a break. This is the album I have waited a long long time to record, because I didn’t have the guts to do it earlier on. Still, it’s not just a matter of doing an album like this and then returning to the screaming Marshall amplifiers, thundering bass and drums like canons. This is where I am, and this is where I am going to stay as a solo artist, and anytime the urge to play loud rock’n’roll awakes in me, it will be some kind of band project where I am just the singer and part of the package.”

If you take a listen you will completely understand and fall in love with this album. You can pick your copy up on Itunes here. I am hoping Mike comes back soon to do some more shows here since we missed him at his recent Hollywood performance.  Also Mike will be heading out on the Monsters of Rock Cruise “Escape to Monster Island” on March 29, 2014 to Aprl 2, 2014. You can get more details at www.MonstersofRockCruise.com.

Make sure to visit his social media sites. I will leave you with Mike performing “Broken Heart”, the White Lion classic earlier this year.

~Enjoy, Marisol


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