HALESTORM Photos from Aftershock Festival

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Aftershock Festival, Concerts, Entertainment, Hard Rock, music, rock, Tour, Video
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We are still working on all of Aftershock coverage from last month!! Can you believe it? Well there were soooo  many bands and a lot to cover. One of those bands was Halestorm, who is a long time favorite of ours. We have seen them probably about a half dozen times and they never disappoint!  I describe Halestorm as my ear porn, it is too good to be true and you almost feel guilty for listening!

At Aftershock, they were inredible, always delivering high energy and have such fierce stage presence!  You can check out the photos from their set in this tribute video from Rockin Ryan.


They are currently touring overseas and we can’t wait to catch them when they come around again. Make sure to check out their social media sites and pick up their latest release, “ReAniMate 2.0 The Covers EP.


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