Roses Unread deliver a refreshing new sound of rock!

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Bands, Concerts, music, New Music, New Release, rock


Do you know the term “the moonlighting musicians”. Typically it would be used for those musicians who eventually went on to follow other careers and in their off-time would continue their love of music by performing small gigs  or as a hobby.  But what about the musician who can give equal attention to both a daytime career and a music career, and who are successful at both! Well, I want to introduce you to a band that has succeeded in that realm,Roses Unread.

Roses Unread is a five piece outfit from Tennessee that came from very different walks of life to join together and play some damn good rock’n roll. The band was formed by John Purifoy (accountant by day, guitarist by night) and his wife Allison Teague Purifoy (2nd Grade School teacher by day, lead vocalist of a rock band at night). The other band members are: Caveman (EMT by day, drummer by night), Blake Becton (Health Insurance Claim Agent by day, guitarist by night) and Mitch Harris (Auto Body Tech by Day, bassist by night). These five despite their busy careers have just released their third self-titled album, ROSES UNREAD. Their new single off of the album is a powerful one that will get everyone to take notice of this band. Check out their video for their new single, “Blind Lead The Blind

Their music brings you catchy melodies wrapped in a heavy rock style. They don’t imitate other sounds or  in no way allow themselves to be pigeon-holed into a genre, they are unique, they are Roses Unread.  They describe themselves perfectly as “We are heavy while maintaining melody. We write to battle our own demons. We perform to inspire others.” They definitely are successful at that and I look forward to hearing more from them.  You can pick up their new album on Itunes, Amazon, eMusic, ior Rhapsody.

~ Marisol

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