Midnight Cinema

I know it was only a few months ago that I told you about Midnight Cinema‘s last EP and that one was amazing. You can read about it here. Well how about more incredible new music from these talented guys? They  just released earlier this week, Midnight Demos 2013 which is available on Itunes here.  It is filled with another 5 AMAZING songs.

It started right off with Back to the Butterflies and I was instantly drawn into this catchy sweet tune that will have you singing along in no time.  Edge of the Earth is that uplifting song that will just help you to take you that next scary step in whatever you struggle with. It really has heartfelt lyrics and it just might be my favorite song for quite a while. Sooner or Later, Perfect Stranger and Someday Never Came deliver again lyrics that can speak to anyone about a variety of things. That is what I love about their music. You can listen to it and feel a personal connection to each song and it might be completely different than what your friend experiences. Midnight Cinema is like that perfect friend who knows the right things to say in every event.  On Someday Never Came it is the perfect ending to the EP. It creates a bright new sky for a new day or a new beginning. Exactly what this band has done, an evolution of their creative talents that has taken them to a new level. Job well done, gentlemen!

So head over to Itunes and pick up your copy or if you are in the Bay Area, come to their show at Cafe Du Nord on November 2nd and pick it up there at their show. You can pick up tickets here for that show.

You can also check out an Interview which we did with Clayton Stroope back in May. 

~ Marisol


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press:  Can you tell us how Midnight Cinema got started?

Clayton:  Midnight Cinema was started during a song writing session in 2010 with some of our good friends and co-writers in New York. We had taken a break from touring as Thriving Ivory to do some writing and realized that the new batch of songs were different in a good way. We thought we had something special going on and wanted to move in a new direction. So we decided to think of a new name. That’s the worst part of starting a new band…

* * * *

Music Junkie Press: We have heard “Hurricane” and I will say, totally blown away by this first song! Definitely a great song and has us wanting so much more. Do you have any dates on your debut album of Midnight Cinema?

Clayton: The debut 5 song EP will be released digitally on July 9th! Our first show will be in our home town of San Francisco on July 23rd! Check out the official Midnight Cinema page and website for info!

* * * *

Music Junkie Press: We loved Thriving Ivory and really look forward to your new venture! Where can we get your music and what are your social media sites that we should stay updated on?

Clayton: Check out our official Facebook page and website. All the info about our EP release, upcoming shows and day to day happenings can be found here. Come check us out and say hi!   (All links listed below)

* * * *

Music Junkie Press:  Can you tell us when you first started in Music and what was the first song you ever learned how to play in its entirety?

Clayton:  Oh, man that goes way back. I started playing guitar and singing when I was about eight I think. I remember being extremely frustrated because I wanted to play the kind of rock songs my dad played for me and all I could manage to strangle out of the guitar was Mary Had a Little Lamb. But I’m pretty sure that I learned to play “This Land is Your Land” for the talent show…humble beginnings…

* * * *

Music Junkie Press:  If we could peak into your Ipods, what artist or song might you think we would be most surprised at finding on there?

Clayton:  Ooooh, you’d probably be surprised to find Brooks and Dunn. I’m a pretty big country fan.

* * * *

Music Junkie Press:  At Music Junkie Press, we are very strong believers about how music can change your mood, your life, heal your soul and just help you make it through the day. Do you have a personal story you could share where music helped you through a certain situation?

Clayton:  I don’t have one specific example but I can say that music has been a present and strong force in my life since I was a kid. It has always been there for me in the good times, and the bad times. I definitely feel like all music lovers have a special soundtrack that runs alongside the story of their life. The power of music is that it embeds itself in our memory. The life events we go through are attached to the music we were listening to at that time. That’s why I love making music. I have the privilege of being a part of those memories on other peoples’ lives.

* * * *

Music Junkie Press:  We all have Go To songs that just can lift us or energize us.  What is your Go To song?

Clayton:  Right now it’s “I Love It”, by Icona Pop

* * * *

Music Junkie Press:  What was your first concert you ever went to?

Clayton: My parents took me to see Kenny Loggins. Hey who doesn’t like Caddy Shack!

* * * *

Music Junkie Press:  If you could go back and talk to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to yourself?

Clayton: Do your homework, be nicer to girls, and find something you love to do and work as hard as you can at it. Now whether the 14 year-old me listens is another question.

* * * *

Music Junkie Press:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

Clayton: Just that they check out the new music and come see a show. We’re excited for everyone to hear the new stuff!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

~ Marisol

Information & Links:

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/MidnightCinemaMusic

Website:     www.midnightcinemaofficial.tumblr.com/

Itunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/midnight-demos-2013-ep/id730567199

Twitter:    www.twitter.com/MidCinMusic

Music Video: http://youtu.be/qHhOD0YkKMA

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