The Bloody Nerve hits the spot with their EP “RED”

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Bands, music, New Music, New Release, Southern Rock
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The Bloody Nerve has definitely hit the right spot with their new EP, or as they call it their 3P “RED“. It has three very rockin songs that will have begging for more.

It starts off with the haunting  mysterious tune, “Find Ya Love” and of course Laurie Ann Layne delivers her spectacular vocals and Stacey Blood on guitars highlights this sweet composition. This song has such a mystical vibe and will be a contagious one!  .

Next is my old favorite, “Local Honey“. I am so glad to see Local Honey on this EP and this version is heavier and deeper and I absolutely love it! This song will have you moving and grooving right from the start.  As I mentioned before when we first introduced you to Laurie Ann Layne her voice reminds me of the first time I heard Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders. Laurie Ann delivers a fun and flirty sound to Nashville rock with the perfect touch of blues intertwined in this song similar to early Cher. But even with these references, Laurie Ann in no way imitates; she has her own unique and powerful sound that will have everyone singing the catchy chorus.

Place To Hide  begins with a nice funky bass line that catches you and then Stacey comes in with his sexy edgy vocals. Laurie Ann and Stacey have such great vocal chemistry in this song. it seems that so much rock n roll has done away with keys/synth work and on this song, I really  love the keys as they just stand out and compliment with the perfect touch.

The Bloody Nerve hail from Nashville and consists of  Laurie Ann Layne  & Stacey Blood on Vocals, Stacey Blood on Guitars, Terry Bayless on Keys, Bobby Blood on Bass and Peter Wolf on drums. Together they are the complete package of everything from blues, soul and rock n roll.

All three of these songs are hits for me and I can’t wait for December to see what their next EP, “Blue” has in store for us. You can purchase the 3P “RED” straight from their website and it will include a T-shirt and some other goodies.  I will leave you with a video of their song, “Find Ya Love

~ Enjoy, Marisol


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