MYSTERY from Australia is our Tuesdays Travels Pick of the Week

Posted: October 22, 2013 in '80s Rock, Bands, Concerts, Entertainment, Hard Rock, music, New Music, New Release, rock, Tuesdays Travels, Video
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So you think I forgot about telling you our Tuesdays Travels pick of the week? Hell no! It was a busy music day but tonight I want to introduce you to our Tuesdays Travels Band from Melbourne, Australia. MYSTERY is a kick ass band of four young talented rockers. At first look, you may think they are just another School of Rock band or some kids playing their dad’s instruments. Well, after you take one listen to them, you will know these four young artists mean business with their rock.

They have a great rock metal sound that blends everything from AC/DC to Skid Row to Bon Jovi to Iron Maiden. Check out their video for “Raise Your Fist”


It is so awesome to see such a young group dedicated to bringing rock n roll to the world! Especially  now and days when you see the younger generation looking to 1Direction and Justin Bieber for musical inspiration…. they need to be introduced to REAL MUSIC….. ROCK! METAL! Need I say more? So check them out and watch this special update video they put together about their album and tour.


We will see if we can bring you an interview with this band. They are definitely one to keep your eyes on.

~ Marisol

Information & Links:

  • Rocky Ravic- Lead Vocals/ Lead Guitar
  • Tony Mlikota- Drummer/ Backing Vocals
  • Kristian Iaccino- Rythm guitar/ Backing Vocals
  • Josh Scarpaci (Scaps)- Bass/ Backing Vocals

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