The Charm The Fury album is a must for modern day metal fans!

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The Charm The Fury


Last month we introduced you to the band from the Netherlands,  The Charm The Fury as our Tuesdays Travels Pick of the Week. Well, we have been enjoying their debut album which was released in September, “A Shade of My Former Self”.  This full length album is truly remarkable and for a debut album, packs a lot of punch!

This metalcore band has been dubbed as Holland’s “best kept secret” and they are taking the world by storm with their edgy yet aggressive style. I would almost consider this album to be a concept album since it is definitely a complete work of art that tells a story and walks or should I say headbangs you into a journey.  Let me tell you about several of the songs on this amazing album!

A Shade of My Former Self

The first song, The Unveiling  is a haunting composition that leads you into a dramatic march style build up that opens the door to the next song,  A Testament. This ferocious metalcore song also includes great harmony and kick ass vocals by Caroline. Get ready for the ride, it is gonna be a wild one!

Here comes my favorite song, Carte Blanche. It starts off with an anthemic chant that draws you in and gets you head banging in seconds with  your fists in the air. It has some great bass lines, melodic and heavy guitars with some bad ass drumming. Vocals are so intense on this song and is truly my favorite song. I can listen to this one again and again. I LOVE IT! Check out the video for this song here:

On A Shade of My Former Self you are treated to everything from dark intro, some heavy vocals with nice transitions and epic guitar work and precision drumming.

The Enemy  has an aggressive  drum intro that makes you think Mathijs Tieken is using every drum simultaneously. Then you are sent right into a high octane energy song. Great vocals and although with the heavy start, it takes you from screamer to clean vocals and back which is something that that you will just love.

Colorblind starts off with some definite speed metal guitar and the vocals almost give this chanting style with it that you can’t help but be drawn to. This song also brings in some cool keys/synth work to it.

In the Wake of Pride is a  short music composition delivering great symphonic style  that creates a completely ethereal mood as it takes you into Living Saints. Living Saints definitely brings the pivotal moment that In the Wake of Pride was creating with it’s momentum and is a breakthrough song.  You definitely get a whole feel from this album and you should totally enjoy it in its entirety.This song  has good breaks and drum fill and then brings some great head banging moments. Vocals are amazing as usual.

Along with the spectacular guitars, I love the sound of the open guitar strings that completes the sound on Virtue of Leadership. This song might be the lightest on the metal side but is a great melodic track with intense moments throughout.

A New State of Mind This song starts right off with great power vocals and Caroline’s vocals really highlight her vocal range as she can take you from one end to the complete opposite in a matter of seconds. I love the slow fade out on this song that slams you right into the final song.   Very well done!

Deliverance lets you know  you have reached your destination.  It is the perfect ending to this album as you have been taken on an amazing and intense journey and are ready to break free. Vocals on this track again are absolutely intense and spectacular. Together this band really creates such a complete sound that the complement each other in every song.

You might think that you hear so many different bands in their sound which I think is nice in the fact that they can take you into different levels of their music without changing who they really are.

So make sure to pick up The Charm The Fury new album, “A Shade of My Former Self” that is currently available on Listenable Records online store.  Also check out their social media sites for tour dates. They are currently out on tour in overseas but I am hoping they come to the States soon. They have been known to put on AMAZING shows that they bring 150% of themselves every time! I will leave you with their video for “Virtue of Leadership”  which you can’t help but get pumped up with.

~ Marisol


Information & Links:


Upcoming Tour Dates: 

Oct 25 Patronaat Haarlem, Netherlands
Nov 01 Brainstorm Fest Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Nov 10 Vans Warped Tour NL Eindhoven, Netherlands
Nov 11 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Birmingham, United Kingdom
Nov 12 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Southampton, United Kingdom
Nov 13 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Cardiff, United Kingdom
Nov 14 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) London, United Kingdom
Nov 15 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Wolverton, United Kingdom
Nov 17 Vans Warped Tour UK London, United Kingdom
Nov 17 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Manchester, United Kingdom
Nov 18 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Glasgow, United Kingdom
Nov 19 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Leeds, United Kingdom
Nov 20 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nov 21 The Severance Tour (w/ Heart Of A Coward) Norwich, United Kingdom

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