The Jaded release first of several new singles, “Wafflebox (My Girl)”

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Bands, Concerts, Funk, Interview, New Music, rock
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Photo Credits: Mariana Carrillo

Photo Credits: Mariana Carrillo

Earlier this year, I told you about a great rock band from San Francisco, The Jaded.  These guys bring true rock and roll and wrap it in everything from funk, blues and an old school sound that just has you wanting more.

They have been hard at work recording several singles and have released the first one. “Wafflebox (My Girl)” is out now and you can get it on Itunes.  This song is awesome!

It has a great bluesy intro and then kicks into high gear with Jimmy Steal on vocals, he reminds me of a crisper sounding young David Lee Roth.  It has a great catchy chorus and just has you moving in seconds. I love the energy that this song gives off and the backing vocals are spot on.  Later in the song, there is a great vocals buildup that is fun and cheeky.   This local band has definitely honed in on their craft of rock and roll and this song, might be just the one to take them to new heights.

We had the chance to listen to two more of their new singles and you are going to love them! You can really tell that these guys have been working hard at perfecting their talents and did an incredible job that we can’t wait for you to hear.

First is “Boomerang” that starts off with a nice drum intro and a clean rise that leads into sweet guitar riffs and the vocals come on strong. For a second, it has you thinking about what decade you are in because this is good old fashioned ROCK n ROLL, which I think is what we need more of  today.  It has a really catchy chorus, fun lyrics and I love it’s carefree attitude. Again, I really get the vibe and feel of a young David Lee Roth or Jimmy is channeling his ’80s rocker spirit!

Next up we got to hear, “Infatuation” that has a perfect acoustic intro leading into an arena style rock ballad that actually would span decades. You can feel everything from ‘50s sock hop pop, ‘70s laid back style to ‘80s with the lighter in the air to the 90’s shoegazer without a care –  and this is the NOW.  The singer has some great powerful vocals and a great vocal range in his transitions. It has smooth melodic tones and a nice guitar, bass and drum breakdown where you can really enjoy Downey’s slide playing as well as his backing vocals.

We look forward to hearing more of the new singles and will keep you updated as they come out! For now, make sure to head over to Itunes and pick up “Wafflebox (My Girl)” and if you don’t have it already, pick up/download their CD Juke. That album has some great songs and I love “Broken Records” and “Honeybear” (this song has such a great Red Hot Chili Pepper vibe which is spectacular).

The Jaded is Downey Orrick on Lead Guitar/Background Vocals,  Elliott Starno – Drums and Percussion, Jimmy Steal (aka Sergio) on Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar and Matt Notter – Bass Guitar.

Jimmy Steal Elliott Starno Matt Notter Downey Soule Orrick

You can check out an interview that we did with The Jaded back in April when they performed at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA as well as some photos. 


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  1. James Potter says:

    Great band. They’ll make it big.

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