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Royal Bliss

Remember that band that I told you about last year that truly blew us away with their music? Royal Bliss and you can read our post on them here.  Well, we have some exciting news to share with you!  They are working on a new album and this time you can be a backer on Kickstarter and be part of the people who help get this album funded. Two of my greatest passions together; creating music and keeping the music scene alive. By becoming a backer you can help fund their album and be part of their label!

Royal Bliss has been delivering kick ass rock and roll for 15 years and they have held the honors of putting out some of my favorite songs. To see them come out with another album on their label, just has me excited! You can get more details regarding the Kickstarter campaign here and we just finished getting our pledge in!  Now take a peak at a hilarious promo video on the packages that they are offering:


So which package are you going to be getting? I think all their packages are awesome and remember GOOD KARMA comes with every pledge. Who doesn’t need more GOOD KARMA???

Here i s a list of my top 5 favorite Royal Bliss songs:

5. I Was Drunk

4. Devils & Angels

3. Bleed My Soul

2. Crazy

1. Save Me

I am sure that their next album will be bringing me more favorites, so join us being a part of the making of this album. It is time we keep the music alive by showing our support for our favorite bands and let them know we are behind them 100%!!

Last year during our interview with Neil Middleton, lead vocalist we had some great things to say (full interview here) and one of our favorites was the following:

 * * * * *

Music Junkie Press:   How about some advice to all the young musicians out there? It seems that every day you hear more and more about how the music industry has changed, is dead, or is dying more each day. What can you say to the teens to keep them to still pick up their guitar or play their drums and decide to keep the rock alive?

Neal Middleton:  I always go back to Don’t think about how difficult it is or everything else. Think instead about why you played the music in the first place. Why did you picked up that guitar? And, hopefully it is not because you wanted to be famous or to be on TV. Hopefully the core reason is because you love playing the guitar and love rock and roll. That should be the core. And if you don’t, then play in your basement! You have to love it, nowadays in the industry, you have to have such a passion in order to survive or succeed. So I would tell them if you love it, then keep doing it and don’t listen to anyone else. If you get someone on your side who wants to help you out, that is great and fortunate, but never forget why you picked up that guitar in the first place, “It was because you wanted to ROCK!”

 * * * * *

Hope you all take visit to Kickstarter and check out how you can join us in the making of this KICK ASS ROCK ALBUM!!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

Royal Bliss Information & Links

Royal Bliss is:

Neal Middleton – Lead Vocal, Guitar
Taylor Richards – Guitars, Vocals
Dwayne Crawford – Bass, Vocals
Jake Smith – Drums, Percussion

Upcoming Tour Dates: 

  • Sep 26   Buddha Bob’s    Rock Springs, WY
  • Sep 27   Buddha Bob’s    Rock Springs, WY
  • Sep 28   Painted Lady Saloon       Evanston, WY
  • Oct 04   Miramar Air Show            San Diego, CA
  • Oct 11   Knitting Factory – “33 Black” Launch Party!            Reno, NV
  • Oct 17   House Of Blues – Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, NV
  • Oct 25   The Royal            Salt Lake City, UT
  • Oct 27   Diamondz            Jerome, ID
  • Nov 01  Tuscan Event Center      Price, UT
  • Nov 02  Mesa Theater and Club Grand Junction, CO
  • Nov 06  Knitting Factory                Boise, ID
  • Nov 08  Knitting Factory                Spokane, WA
  • Nov 09  Lucky Strike        Missoula, MT
  • Nov 11  O.N.E. Theater  Mandan, ND
  • Nov 14  Busters Mankato, MN
  • Nov 15  Freaksters Roadhouse   Pontiac, IL
  • Nov 16  Muddy’s              Burlington, IA
  • Nov 17  The Sports Story               Boone, IA
  • Nov 18  BADA BREW       Crest Hill, IL
  • Nov 19  Red Zone             Madison, WI
  • Nov 20  District  Rockford, IL
  • Nov 22  Machine Shop   Flint, MI
  • Nov 23  Intersection       Grand Rapids, MI

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