Full Devil Jacket release new song, Seven Times Down

Posted: September 24, 2013 in '90s, '90s Rock, Alternative Rock, Bands, Entertainment, Kickstarter, music, New Music, rock
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Full Devil Jacket

As you may already know Full Devil Jacket from Jackson, TN has been working hard on their new album. It might have been 12 years since their last release but if you have listened to them today, you wouldn’t have guessed it. They are focused, passionate and determined at bringing their big sound hard rock to your ears.

Full Devil Jacket is Josh Brown on Vocals, Brian Kirk and Paul Varnick on Guitars, Moose Douglass on Bass and Keith Foster on Drums.  They have been busy working with Justin Rimer (12 Stones) at Cross Trax Studios and I just heard one of their first songs from the upcoming album, “Seven Times Down” and it is going to blow your mind!!!

Last night I was busy cooking dinner with the family as I received an email with the new song, had the kids play it as I cook and instantly all of us were in love with it. My husband walked in mid-song to ask, “Who the hell is that”, I LIKE THEM!”  My six year old Brandon put up his rock hands and ran around yelling, “Full Devil Jacket”. My 15 year old Rockin Ryan nodded in appreciation as he started to jump up and down and said, “This is gonna be a great album”.  As you all know, my family is completely into music and it was awesome to see how all of us agreed about this song. You can take a listen yourself if you  head over to their FullDevilJacket.net site or Reverbnation page. Make sure to give them a Like and Follow them as well.

Josh Brown on vocals delivers his edgy vocals on the catchy lyrics. Guitars on this are just incredible have you moving instantly and solid drumming brings it all home. I have mentioned before that they bring a feel of some Alice in Chains meets PANTERA with a side of Alter Bridge. Everything you need to satisfy your need to rock will be in this new record.


This is definitely one album we will all be waiting for. Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on these rockers!  Also we are in the works for bringing you an interview with Full Devil jacket.

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol

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Check out Brandon on his opinion of Full Devil Jacket!


  1. Rob Neilson says:

    Full Metal Jacket Should be.. ” Full Devil Jacket ” is Josh Brown on Vocals, Brian Kirk and Paul Varnick on Guitars, Moose Douglass on Bass and Keith Foster on Drums.

    Thank you for the great review,

    We at the Full Devil Jacket Team Thank you!

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