Violent Soho is back with “Hungry Ghost”

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Bands, Grunge, music, New Music, New Release
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Let me refresh your memories about a band that I have loved for several years. I first encountered them as I moved from San Mateo to Santa Rosa (wine country in Northern California). It was a hard move for our family and we felt like we were so far away from everything, San Francisco nightlife, trips to LA, the whole music scene. But then two weeks after moving here, we ended up at the local Best Buy as they had a live concert with a band from Australia that was to perform. A Rock/Alternative/Grunge band!! We were so excited as we waited the two hours and then got to watch the most intense energy driven band perform in this small 10 x 10 area of Best Buy. There might have been maybe a 100 customers and these guys performed at 150%, as if they were performing for a stadium! It was intense. Here is the video of their big hit, “Jesus Stole my Girlfriend” that day and the band is Violent Soho:



Well fast forward years and here we are ready to treat you all to new music by this awesome band. They have their new CD Hungry Ghost which is set to release through I OH YOU on September 6th. They have a great new video by Director Tristan Houghton,  out which features an iconic figure from Australia known as Dario, a nude cyclist from Brisbane on his annual ride through Brisbane. I am absolutely hooked on this song, it is edgy with the right grungy attitude! I love this! I am so excited for the new CD and can’t wait to share it with all of you! You can head over to their website and put in a pre-order with other merchandise.

For now, check out another song of theirs Neighbour Neighbour which also is grungy with a Sublime feel! I can’t wait for these guys to come back to the US! We need our Violent Soho back and I am sure they will be playing stadiums out here soon!

~ Enjoy, Marisol



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