Jeff George talks about Harlot, Bach & Nothing but a Good Time for 2013!

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Jeff George 

The guitarist/composer extraordinaire,  Jeff George has a busy year planned ahead of him.  He was hand picked by Sebastian Bach to be his new guitarist in September of 2012 and is also currently in Harlot with Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria. We had a chance to check in with Jeff and get the full scoop on Harlot and what else he has in the works.  We are very excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to hear more from Jeff.

~  Interview with Jeff George ~ 

Music Junkie Press: Thank you Jeff for taking the time from your busy schedule to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. We appreciate it and look forward to sharing it with our audience.

Jeff George: Hey Mari.. Hey everyone.. Thanks so much for having me!
Music Junkie Press: How did it go with your tour with Sebastian Bach and will you be staying on as his guitarist for the new year?

Jeff George: It’s been incredible. Baz and I have known each other for a couple years and of course growing up I was a huge Skid Row fan. Still am! So getting to play those tunes along with his amazing solo album songs, with the man himself.. It’s just awesome! We are like the same person haha.. Seriously! We’re definitely brothers in all respects. And Yes… I will be staying on as Sebastian’s guitarist.. 2013 is going to be a monster of a year… And.. A new Sebastian Bach Album. We are already a couple of songs in on it. And it’s gonna blow you away..! Sebastian is singing as strong as ever and we’ve been having a blast!

*** Here is a video of Jeff George performing with Sebastian Bach in September, 2012.

Music Junkie Press:  I am so glad to hear you will be staying on with Sebastian Bach and I will have to catch you at the next show. I also hear that you have just signed a record deal for another project, Harlot. Who is in Harlot and how did that come about? Is it hard working with new members and how do you all know each other?

Jeff George: Yes!!!  Harlot has actually been around for about 11 months but it’s been almost completely under the radar to fans as there were a lot of technical aspects that business wise needed to be worked out first. As we were all in different bands and Danny of course busy with Asking. In the industry though… The buzz is through the roof!

And yes.. We just signed our record deal so we are super excited as you can imagine!!!

Harlot came about really through a chance meeting between myself and Danny Worsnop (singer of Asking Alexandria). We both have the same super lawyer Mr. Eric German and one night we were all out together at our friend’s restaurant The Velvet Margarita. We had both heard of each other and had met briefly in the past but this was the first real time we had actually hung out. Well.. That night turned into the past 11 months! It was an immediate thing.. As soon as we talked music and got together and played it was exactly what we Both had always been waiting for. At the same time Danny had just started working with a drummer named Bruno Agra. And once again.. Lightning strikes .. This dude is again like my brother and everything he plays musically is what I’ve always been waiting for. Next thing you know were best friends and bandmates and inseparable. To give you an idea of how we work musically.. We wrote 82 songs in 11 months for the upcoming Harlot record… Haha..! And that was in between stops and the local pub if you know what I mean!!!

It was never hard working together cause the 3 of us just fit together immediately. We literally lived together and wrote together and partied together everyday for the past almost year.

When it came time to find our bassist we put out a couple low key under the radar ads and received about 600 or so responses from mostly pro players. One name that popped up was Brian Weaver. As soon as I saw the name I told the guys… That’s our boy. I know that dude. Brian was the bass player for one of the great rock bands of our time as well as one of my favorite bands… Silvertide! So we called him up but I knew he lived in Philly.. and we all lived in LA.. and once again lightning strikes and he says I just moved to LA 2 weeks ago!! So we had him come over and hang and a few wine slams later he was sleeping on the couch haha. But once again he just fit.. It was immediate and we all knew… And so Harlot was complete!

So the first Harlot album will be out in 2013 on Sumerian Records. Many are already toting it as one of the most anticipated albums of the new year. And trust me.. We are just as excited!!

It’s really incredible to write songs and play music with you brothers and best friends. On stage.. That is going to come shining through. Plus… We’re all crazy as all hell. Haha!

Music Junkie Press: That sounds pretty exciting and with a lineup like that, I can’t wait to hear the new music. What kind of music can we expect from Harlot and is there an album in the works and a tour planned?

Jeff George: 2013 is going to be a gigantic year in the world of Harlot!  Obviously there will be some juggling because Danny sings for Asking Alexandria and I play guitar for Sebastian Bach. But 2013 will see a ton of Harlot to say the least. First off we will be finishing up recording the album and then releasing the album. That will be followed by a ton of press as well as a few big tours that I can’t divulge right now. We will also be recording some songs for some major motion pictures coming out this year as well as some great one off performances. The music of Harlot is easily summed up.. It’s real rock and roll. What I mean by that is.. Just a great band that can play its ass off! All four of us sing so there’s full harmonies, bringing back the big guitar solos, songs that have a hook around every corner, and is full of emotion. I think people are going to be very surprised by us.. It honestly sounds honest and like nothing I’ve really heard before. Imagine if you combined Bob Seger with Def Leppard with Foo Fighters with Aerosmith! But did it in 2013…. You would have Harlot!

Music Junkie Press: I really have been a big fan of your instrumental work. I think your instrumental solo work should be required listening to anyone who wants to shred on the guitar! Any plans for new music in that genre?

Jeff George: Ohh.. Thanks so much. I really appreciate that!  I use to do a ton of instrumental music and I do record a lot of session work and solos and frequently play on other artists and bands records. But I’ve since kinda let it go.

I actually will be recording a new instrumental shred type guitar album soon though along with Bruno and Brian from Harlot. It will be used in upcoming clinic tours I have planned for my endorsement companies. And… It just gives me a great opportunity to nerd out on guitar in general. Plus.. I want the kids to know that guitar solo’s are fucking cool!!!!

Music Junkie Press: We need more kids to appreciate the good old guitar solo’s! If you could create the perfect dream lineup for a concert, what  three bands would you like to have on the bill? (they could be dead/living, together or broken up)

Jeff George: Wow…. There’s one of those tough questions… Hahaha.  Ok here goes:

Kiss – 1974 – Hotter than Hell tour

Ozzy – 1981 – Blizzard of Ozz tour – with the man.. Randy Rhoads

AC/DC – 1978 – Powerage Tour – with the legend.. Bon Scott

With Harlot as the opener!  All on the same bill… All full length sets… Hell Yeah!!!!!!

Of course there’s many other Beatles, Zeppelin, Queen and on and on. But let’s start there.

Music Junkie Press:  That would be an EPIC show and an all nighter! How old were you when you wrote your first song and do you remember which it was?

Jeff George:  Hmm… I have a pretty wild mind haha. Ask anyone who knows me. I’ve been making up songs since I could talk. But I think the first real song I ever wrote was for my first real band early in High School called Cosyne. And the song was called “Alone with you”. And if you really want to dig deep.. Copies of that album can be found ..  Hahaha. That was an awesome time!

Music Junkie Press: We will have to go on a scavenger hunt for some copies of that album Do you have any favorite albums growing up that really influenced you to pursue your dream in music?

Jeff George:  Ohh hell yes! Here’s just a few. But in my early years it was anything from Kiss – AC/DC – OZZY!

Kiss Alive I, AC/DC Powerage, Ozzy Randy Rhoads Tribute, Pantera Vulgar display of power, Judas Priest unleashed in the east, Iron Maiden live after death, Guns n Roses Appetite for destruction, Def Leppard Hysteria, Skid row Skid row, Van Halen 2, Led Zeppelin I, Aerosmith, Boston Boston, Toys in the attic..ect

FYI… That list could go on forever… I have been consumed by music since age 3.

Music Junkie Press: Those are great selections and all have awesome guitar work! Do you have a particular writing process or song writing ritual?

Jeff George: No not really. Songwriting is a funny thing. When it comes to you it just comes to you. Ask any writer and they will all tell you we don’t really know where it comes from.. Some song cosmos or But then all of a sudden there it is.. In your fingers and on the paper. But I find that if I’m writing with people I musically gel with or if I’m writing in a genre that I like.. I can come up with stuff pretty quickly. Songs are forever.. I always try to remember that when writing.

Music Junkie Press: How about a gear run down. So what are your favorite amps, effects, guitars, pedals, etc that you use on tour?

Jeff George: My live and studio rig is pretty much the same thing I’ve used for years. Though I love all kinds of different amps.. From vintage Fender deluxe or Pro reverbs to a modern EVH III, but I always find myself going right back to Marshall’s. I have a couple old Jose Arredondo modified Marshall’s that are in my main rig at all times. They are noisy and problematic at times.. But when they are on.. Nothing can beat them. On the tours with Sebastian lately we have been covering the globe pretty quickly Japan, Canada, UK and fly dates around the US, so for these shows ill just use a rented Marshall back line and that will usually get the job done. One new piece of amp related gear I am very intrigued by though is the Fractal Axe FX II – many of my pro player friends have already made the move and have nothing but the best to say about the system.

As for FX.. It really depends on what I’m recording or what is needed live. On tour with Sebastian my pedal board is as follows: Morley Wah – Boss SD-1 (added gain boost) – Boss NS-2 (noise suppressor) – Korg pitch black (tuner). That’s as simple as it gets haha. Again.. This is a fly rig pedal board so it needs to be easy and simple for travel. Normally I would have some added rack stuff for texture. My wireless is a Line 6 G90. These wireless units are incredible.

My guitars on the past tour are all ESP Custom Vintage Plus’s. They are standard ESP models, but I’ve customized them to my liking. Humbucker in the bridge, Sperzel tuners and a kill switch in the 5 way switch. I have a signature model coming out next year with ESP that I am really excited about. I was with Brian Moore Guitars and Gibson guitars previously and I have to say.. ESP are just the greatest guitar company around! My A&R Tim Carhart is not only one of my best friends now but he and the entire ESP team are like family now. So keep your eye out.. It’s gonna be your new favorite guitar!!

Pickups are Dimarzio and strings are GHS Boomers 9 1/2 – 46… 10 1/2 – 48.. 11 – 52 depending on the tuning.

Music Junkie Press: If you could go back and talk to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to your 14 year old self?

Jeff George: Well… Musically I would say .. just play play play. Don’t ever worry about whether your good enough, or cool enough, or look right, or have the perfect gear, ect. I think when I was younger I just played.. But as I grew into my teens I started to think about that crap too much. Music is fun and sometimes we forget that. So I would tell myself to remember not to forget that.

Non musically I would tell my 14 year old self to definitely ask that girl that you like out. She might say no… But what does it matter. Eventually.. She will either say yes or ask you out herself.

In other words… Just go for it!

Music Junkie Press: Good sound advice. We are strong believers that music can heal your soul or just get you through the good and bad times. Do you recall a particular time in your life, where music saved you or help you heal?

Jeff George: Ohh god yes… Haha! Too many times to even say.. How long do we have in this interview???

Music is the biggest mover of emotions besides love itself. Music can make you happy, sad, fired up or even mad. It’s unbelievable. I of course have certain songs I listen to when tearing it up with my friends.. Or certain songs that remind me of an ex girlfriend. Imagine watching a movie and having no musical soundtrack.… it would be so boring. Our lives are the same way. Music and what we have listened to leave a permanent time stamp on periods in our lives. Whether they were great times or the toughest of times. I see this first hand as well at every show with Sebastian.

Music Junkie Press: Well said and so true for anyone. If you could take any song from any type of musical genre and remake it into a rock version, what song would it be?

Jeff George: That’s easy…. Any song ever written. Cause Rock rules!!!

Music Junkie Press: With the 80’s making a comeback and all, if you could pick a song from the 80’s or 90’s to describe your life or be your anthem song, what would it be?

Jeff George: It’s actually from the 70’s… From AC/DC  It’s a long way to the top.. If you wanna rock and roll! If it was from the 80’s.. Probably.. Nothin but a good time – Poison  Thanks again… Rock and Roll!!!

* * * * * * *

I don’t know about you but I am really excited to check out Jeff this year with Sebastian Bach as well as look forward to hearing the new music from Harlot. I will keep you updated with more information on Harlot and upcoming release dates.  For now, check out some great photos of Jeff George and make sure to follow him on Twitter  to keep up to date on what he has planned. We will get you a full feature on Harlot and more about all the band members in the future.

~ Keep Rockin, Marisol

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  1. Rebecah says:

    This guy is HOT. I can’t wait to hear Harlot music too. Can you do a Q & A with them? Are they playing live now? THEY ARE ALL HOT

  2. Lisa says:

    Harlot sounds like they are going o be really good I LOVE SEBASTIAN and I am glad e is playing with him. Now come toARIZONA

    • HI Lisa, I am sure they will be coming to Arizona. I bet they will be doing a whole US tour hopefully. From the reception they have received, they have worldwide recognition and fans. Sebastian Bach has always been great too. It is awesome to see Jeff play for them. He brings such an intensity that is rivaled by many but imitated by none.

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