Amanda Todd did not deserve to die… Bully NO MORE!

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Breaking News, Uncategorized
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Tonight I have something very different and difficult to write about. The story of a young 15 year old who spent years being bullied and decided to end her life yesterday October 10, 2012. Amanda Todd. Someone who I will never forget.

Amanda was a beautiful vibrant 15 year old on the outside but on the inside had endured years of cyber bullying after according to her own words, making a couple bad decisions in her life.  Amanda Todd posted a video to Youtube just a little over a month ago in early September where she begins to use hand written notes to describe her story of how things changed for her. She went to describe how she went on webcam and flashed herself and then was cyber bullied with the photos that then led to more bullying and being used by others.  Some say well she made some bad decisions, I have to say, “what 7th grader doesn’t make bad decisions at one time or another!!’ I remember when I was 12 or 13 and the bad decisions I made back then. Some I even cringe to think about. But in today’s world some of those mistakes are magnified by a 1000% and then they are infinitely kept on the internet as a reminder of those bad decisions. I can’t believe how hard these teens have it today and I am so sad to learn of how others put people down in order to climb over them and make themselves feel better. Here is Amanda Todd’s video in his entirety:

In Amanda’s video, she has one sheet that says, “Everyday I think why am I still here?” That is a question that no 15 year old should be asking! They should be thinking about Prom or what they want to do after high school or what clothes they want to buy or their next concert to go to. They should not be questioning about how they wonder how they could still be alive after what they have endured. Then she later holds up one message that just breaks my heart, “I have nobody, I need someone 😦    That just breaks my heart to know that she felt so alone in this world and if I had the chance to have watched that video last month, I would have done everything to find out more about her and how she was doing. I hate watching it for the first time today and realizing that she felt so alone that she decided it was too much for her and move on. Yesterday Amanda Todd was found dead in Coquitlam, Canada one month shy of her 16th birthday. Authorities believe she committed suicide.

I truly think that those that bullied her and the girls who beat her up should be charged for manslaughter. It is time to show others that your words can KILL and you need to be held responsible for them! There are so many programs coming about to teach people more about Bullying and how to help people survive the trauma of bullying.  Earlier this year one of my favorite guitarists, lead guitarist for Guns n Roses and Sixx A.M.; DJ Ashba joined forces with Bullyville to help put an end to bullying. DJ Ashba shared his struggles and he coped with being bullied by his own father. Bullyville helps to put a name and face to the victims of bullying. They are your friends, family, your favorite actor, favorite singer, neighbor. They are all around you and it is time we come together to end this senseless act.

I remember being a young teen and making bad decisions. I remember going to 5 different high schools and not feeling like I fit in. I knew that feeling of doing things that I didn’t feel comfortable but yet, not wanting “be left out” or “not fit in”. Yes, I survived those years and I do look back at many of my bad decisions and truly cringe. I am grateful that I made it through those times and yet, I am so sad for the teens who do not make it through these times. If only I could meet each one of them and share some of my stories and tell them how it will get better and put your past where it belongs; in your past. “Sooner or later we’ve all got to let go of our past.” ― Dan BrownDeception Point  and to remember by favorite quote: ” Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. ”

So please everyone out there, take time to talk to the teens you know. Even if you just want to check in with them and share the story of Amanda Todd. It may help someone else by sharing her story and you may even end up saving a life. Remember to be kind to each other and to be understanding. We all have a  heart, no matter  how tattered, worn or broken it may be… we all have a heart that needs to love and be loved. Let’s lift each other up instead of tear each other down.

~ Peace, Marisol

    • Katherine says:

      I bet those bullies are laughing right now but if Amanda was alive when they died if i was her i would spit on their graves for treating me in such a way Amanda had a right to live but not a right to be bullied the bullies should be the ones dead not her.

  1. Deanna says:

    This is such a sad story and even worse to find out it is true. The bullies should be charged for her death even if I is suicide.

  2. I seriously breaks my heart to hear stories like this. It kills me that these young people just push and push someone til they get to this point. It kills me even more that the young people being bullied feel like suicide is their only option. I wish I could talk to them and let them know that things WILL get better! If they could just see into their future and see that there is hope, maybe they would try to hang in there. It breaks my heart, reading about this and writing about this is making me cry. I am so sick of hearing stories like this. The bullying needs to stop NOW!!!! These kids need to grow up and quit trying to make themselves feel better by making someone else feel miserable! I have never bullied and I have never been bullied but I know that people who bully are only trying to make themselves feel better! If you are confident and feel good about yourself, why would you feel the need to make someone else miserable???? Grow up kids…instead of bringing people down, try to lift them up. That’s the mature thing to do!

  3. anon... says:

    people can post things saying “this isn’t right” or “she didn’t deserve this”…you can say these things now…but she’s not here. These words that people are saying are just words. its not going to bring her or any other victim of bullying back alive. you can do all you want say all the words you just need to be let out….it won’t change anything…this could happen tomorrow, in a couple days, a couple years…people will just say the same damn thing over and over again…in reality nobody is doing anything to help.

    • BabyCouga says:

      I appreciate your comment. Our words are not going to change anything about what has happened but it may help to change someone else’s future. It is not true that people are not doing anything to help. Talking about it is helping instead of just dismissing it or not even paying attention to it. I have even seen some hate comments on other websites about Amanda Todd and it is sickening. People will always say what they want whether it is cruel or helpful. Unfortunately, we will always have bullies but maybe just one day we can help someone else. Check out they are trying to make a difference.

  4. Fiona says:

    What people need to understand…Those people who bullied Amanda may be cool today, but they will not be cool forever. They will have to live the rest of their lives with the shame of what they did. Be no fool when it comes to this kind of revenge, it may not be today or tomorrow but it will finally hit them…one day! Perhaps at their lowest moment, perhaps when being bullied by a coworker or a neighbor, or sadly when it happens to their own child….wow what will they do? People say karma is a bitch and I believe in karma. Today, tomorrow or 10 – 30 years from now…it will get you. Amanda…my heart breaks for you. I am truly sad to the core for what you had to endure. My friend when karma hits…you will have front row seats from heaven.

  5. Abhilash Nair says:

    May God have mercy on her soul and give peace to her family.

  6. Daniel Badue says:

    She was so young. so much to live on, if she only knew that life is not just highschool…
    It makes me so sad seen this today… i really hope that people start to realize, that words kill, words can make someone give up on life.

    Think about that everyone.
    Instead of bully someone, instead of making his life miserable, why dont you try to help someone?
    The satisfaction of other people happiness is much bigger and stronger than the pleasure of feeling superior from put someone down.

    Love from Brazil.

    • paige says:

      I kind know how she felt it hurts bad.

      • Paige, I am sorry if you feel that way. I know when I was younger I had to deal with bullying. I also felt so alone but did have people to talk to. If you are dealing with bullying too, find someone you feel comfortable with and trust with your feelings. Sometimes just sharing your pain can help you get through and they can help with advice on the situation. You can always email me if you need to ever talk or vent.

        Hope you have a good week too.
        ~ Marisol

  7. Its sad to think that one teenager was bullied to the point where she neded her own life just because of one picture she posted, whereas celebrities make full on sex tapes and get MORE famous for it. Its such a shame that other people wouldn’t let her be forgiven for her bad decision and things were taken this far.

  8. chandra says:

    all this thing about peoples who never cares about another. I really felt sad after i watched the video… DO SOMETHING!!!! who ever u are… if u are felling lonely, share with your parents, never let it kills yourself!!!! Nobody is alone!!!!

  9. Ivy says:

    This upsets everyone huh? Well, too little too late. Want something to really be upset about? Her bullies are now claiming she was “such a nice girl” and saying they were her friends. What friends? If she had some, maybe she’d have made it to 16? People all over the world know her face and name BECAUSE she killed herself. Why did it take that for someone to listen? The police KNEW. They were the ones who told her that her topless pix was being sent everywhere. Why did they not do anything about it? Manslaughter? Doubtful, as this is Canada. BUT…possession and distribution of Child Pornography….oh yes….yes that is a possibility. And a charge that won’t last unless the one charged was 18 when he posted it. Our system is so fubar that child criminal records are sealed at 18. Even if they were charged with manslaughter, chances are they’d be free at 21 anyway. I myself hope that now that the RCMP are involved, the police officers that knew about it, and did nothing will get nailed for the way they handled it. But, this IS Canada. Good luck at even that happening. Nope, this will be a story that will fade like every other. Hell, very few even speak of Columbine anymore. Thank you small town Canada for yet again showing me why I am glad I grew up in a major city. Schools and police actually listen to you here. They don’t turn a blind eye because they know the kids parents and think they are “nice people”. Yeah, really nice people, they raised kids that belong in jail. Bravo.

  10. Jane Motta Monjardim says:

    Eu foi vitima de bullying na minha infância e adolecencia mas graças a Deus, sobrevivi. Hoje tenho 3 filhas e uma delas já sofreu agressões de bullying na escola e até no trabalho, mas com minha experiência passada soube ajudá-la. As pessoas que cometem esse tipo de crime tem que ser culpadas pelo que causam de mal nas pessoas. Aqui no Brasil tambem há muitos casos de bullying , mas não existe nenhum programa social voltado para esse assunto. Parabéns pelo incentivo e que vocês alcancem o objetivo que é ajudar essas pessoas

  11. Wendy Murphy says:

    When I read and watched Amanda’s story, I cried. She had so much to live for, yet sadly was pushed to and over the edge. Cyber-bullying is becoming an epidemic, to many kids go unsupervised on computers because parents don’t believe any harm can happen over the web. Both parents and kids need to learn the harm that is being caused, maybe schools should start an after school program about bullying and cyber-bullying. I was also a victim of bullying in school and I know first hand what it does emotionally and physically. Sometimes I still feel the anguish and the pain and I still am a cutter, not as bad, but its still there. I am going to pass this site on to friends so they see Amanda’s story, if enough voices cry out “NO MORE” maybe the powers that be will finally listen and put their foot down.

  12. Carol says:

    So sad my daughter is 13 yrs. old and she comes home crying saying that no one likes her and it is because she is too fat. She is so beautiful she has a great personality. It is too bad that children feel the need to make fun of others like there is nothing better to do with your time. Life is hard enough as it. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  13. ilker yener says:

    Tanrı, onun ruhunu rahmet ve ailesine huzur versin

  14. ashley says:

    I can totally understand …when i was in high school i went through something like this … i went through 5 different high schools… And Never fit in…i hated lunch time so bad because i always was alone… and it wasn’t easier being in home neither….my mom hated me for some reason…my life was like hell… and i thought nothing can be worse than this …im all alone in this fucked up world….so went through deppression, anxiety dissorders and so on… i was about to kill myself too… and i tried to hang myself … Tried to suffocate…but then… i thought why should i care about what others say… they just need to get a life and i fight really hard against myself
    to survive…i remember crying everyday and night…couldnt sleep at nights…there was too much going on my head..

    everyday…feeling like shit …but at the end i
    WON and i get to live once again..although sometimes i feel down…

  15. Jill says:

    RIP you beautiful baby girl. My heart crys for you. All I can do is hug my 16 year old daughter as tight as I can.

  16. Andrew says:

    The truth is face book should be held responsible for letting people put it on there site, I know people can say what they want but something should be put in place so some words can not be written like KILL or MURDER or SUICIDE and more but face book don’t want to do things like that so they should be held to account.

  17. Katie H says:

    My heart aches for this poor girl. Kids these days just do not understand what their words and actions can do.

  18. Guillermo says:

    I really can’t understand how her parents let the situation escalate and turn into the most horrible ending, rest in peace little amanda.

  19. ANEL MARTINEZ says:

    I just saw the video and made me cry cause she was beautiful inside her depression she knew that she made a few mistakes but doesn’t have to go that far I feel so sad for Amanda cause she ain’t gonna have the opportunity to move on and became the extraordinary human being she always knew she.was

  20. Christi a says:

    This is bad

  21. Jeanne says:

    It starts in the home People… PARENTS need to be more involved with how Their kids treat others if you do this at a young age When They become teenager’s They won’t want to hang around with a bully. DO ON TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT OTHERS TO DO ON TO YOU

  22. Nicolette says:

    I am 52. I remember those heinous days of school. People thought the 70’s were so cool. Well, not if you are not in the “In” crowd, or the Jocks, the Popular’s, the Nerds, the Junkies. I remember feeling alone at every school from elementary on. I thought about this last night-never having someone to sit with at lunch. Dropping my money on the playground in elementary school, so I would have an excuse to skip it and stay in class. I never went to recess, stayed in with the teacher (Mrs. Snow-I will always be thankful that when I told you that people were calling me names, you told the whole class how mean it was, and let me stay in and draw-I loved you so much for that.) But, of course, Mrs. Snow just added fuel to the flames..I walked to school..taunted, pushed and shoved-or ignored completely. I would try to go a different way everyday. I even cut through backyards and over walls, so people could not follow me. I finally joined the Military. Grew a thicker skin. But, even now, at my age, it hurts when people tease me. It RUINED my SOUL!! But, by the GRACE of GOD, HE saved me. And, HE can save you too! God Bless you..

  23. As I was watching the video I was crying. I was bully at school and thought I was alone. Would lie to my mother by telling her I had a good day at school but would cry when I went to my room and even started cutting. I was so much with hate and sadness but I kept it to myself until when I left the school I told my mom and when I told her I was cutting and there was people who would throw things at me and do other things. I told my self I wouldn`t let anyone hurt me and until this day I don`t really let anyone get to close to me. I am done with high school when I was 19 or 20 and now im 22 years old and still have no friends well got some on facebook and other websites but it would be nice to have some to hang out with but knowing me I will push them away. When I was looking at the video I was in tears because I don`t understand why anyone would hurt someone for no reason. If I saw her I would hang out with her. Anyone who laughs at someone who has one eye, no legs shouldn`t laugh because you don`t know what the person is going through and you have no right to do that. I know how it feel`s because many didn`t like the way I dress and would judge me saying stuff about me being evil and stuff like that just because I like wearing black metal makeup. I think people shouldn`t hurt each other and should show respect for one another. R.I.P.

  24. Also how can I help. I want to help as well stop people from hurting people with good hearts. How can I help?

  25. oscaream says:

    Hola. I’m from Venezuela, where as far as i know, there’s not bullying like that yet, but I see how this problem is affecting the society all over the world, WE have to change this, the psychological damage that ours kids are suffering will affect the future…. And what kind of future travel do we want? There’s several sites trying to help but it depends in every one of us giving the best for a better humanity (sorry if I write something wrong, isn’t my mother language)

  26. oscaream says:

    Reblogged this on oscaream's Blog and commented:
    Esto que se ve en este artículo me afectó, se trata de una chica de 15 años que se suicida por el bullying (informense al respecto. Tenemos que hacer algo

  27. siskinbob says:

    Marisol, This young ladies experiences touched so many chords with me. My granddaughter, just 16 last week, has experienced much of what Amanda Todd went through. She has been attacked via FB, had a dozen girls turn up at her front door to threaten her vith violence. Her Mum, my daughter, has moved her from one school or another to try and remove her from her antagonists but FB follows you wherever you go. Supposed friends change sides and become enemies and divulge new FB IDs. The schools try to help but there is little that they can do about the bullies. Society has tied their hands in the interests of political correctness. Amanda’s video is distressing and I find it so sad that, from the many comments on so many blogs, bullying is endemic around the world. At the grand old age of 60 I am puzzled as to why our children have become so feral in the way in which they react to each other over such trivial things. My personal view is that technology, which has been such a positive influence in so many ways, has contributed to this situation. Social networks are in essence anti-social networks. They do not encourage people to come to gether. Rather, people hold conversations through texting and through FB using text speak which does not have the same subtle nuances that face to face talking does. Misunderstandings cannot be corrected once they have been committed to text and instantly distributed to “friends”. Thank you for posting this story. The more of us that get the word out there, the more hope there is that we can stamp out bullying.

  28. Quill says:

    Bulling will never stop. It just makes life a living ….

  29. As she says i have nobody i need someone i think to my self no girl shoud be treated like this i say “I wold have been her friend ” R.I.P i did not know you but i fell your pain may god let you in the gates of heven you were a good person.

  30. kyle smith says:

    Thanks Fiona you could not have said it any better.

  31. kyle smith says:

    The anonymity of the web seems to give some cowardly people a sense of empowerment. People who seem to take pleasure in denigrating their fellow human beings. It’s really a sad commentary on the state of many people volues in 21st Century America.

  32. kevin broman says:

    I truly feel sorry about what has happened to amanda however many kids commit suicide because of bullying but their deaths are never made a big deal as this, and they have done absolutly nothing wrong. I’m not saying we shouldnt make a big deal about her death, infact im saying the opposite that we shold always make a big deal about when any teen comits suicide because u will not stop bullying but u can stop kids from killing themselves over it

  33. Sunshine says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking. She was so lonely, and hurting so badly. Wish I could have given her a hug, and told her that we all make mistakes, and our worth is not defined by them. No one should be harrassed, stalked, or bullied like that. My heart goes out to those who were bullied, and any parents, siblings, family members, and friends who have lost someone to suicide. What I couldn’t convey in words, I put into a song I composed yesterday. Hope it is ok to post this link here.

  34. Brendon Ware says:

    no-one deserves to die I was previously hospitalized for attempt of suicide. even though they are the reason she did they don’t deserve to die because they have to live with that and everyone who knows them will look down on them and realize they deserve it. those people who bullied me will not break me any more I might still cut myself but each day I learn a reason why I should stop and it helps.

  35. JC says:

    I hate storys like hers. They always make me cry . I feel sorry for her so sorry. Bullying makes me sick people who bully are just down right insecure. R.I.P Amanda R.I.P. BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP!

  36. JC says:

    No one and I mean no one deserves to b treated like this.. 😭 This is soo sad. R.I.P AMANDA

  37. i just found this thread today 8/29/2014.. i didnt know amanda todd exsisted till a memorial wall was put in on a social media platform called second life. its called broken dreams. i strated googling names on the wall and one of the ones was her. i say that video i wish i could of reached out to her like the aurthor said of this story. the last notecard she holds up i have nobody i need someone 😦 just broke my heart and will be with my the rest of my days. i wish i could go back in time and try to prevent it. heres the link to the wall in second life but you need an account to acess it. its free though. BROKEN DREAMS PROJECT IS NOW OPEN ON GREYMYST ESTATES II, THIS IS A MEMORIAL TO THE MEMORY OF THOSE WHO LOST THEIR BATTLE FROM HATE AND BULLYING, huggies amanda i dont know you but ill never forget you 🙂 ive made an anti bully vid on youtube brandewey

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