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Thousand Watt Stare – Punk Rock at it’s best!
Last Saturday night, we took our son Ryan to see Thousand Watt Stare in San Francisco. Thousand Watt Stare is a new Punk Rock Band out of Southern California and consists of Christian Martucci on Vocals, Guitar (formerly of “Black President”,”The Chelsea Smiles” and “The Dee Dee Ramone Band”) and with Mr. Pat Kim on Bass and Dylan Howard on drums, both of “Unwritten Law”. These guys bring back true Punk Rock and deliver every time!!

I had the pleasure of watching Christian Martucci earlier this summer as he played with Corey Taylor and his Junk Beer Kidnap Band at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. That was quite a show. Christian had such charismatic energy that when Ryan heard he had his own band, he begged us to go…. Didn’t have to beg too hard since weekly concerts are a regular thing at the Richardson house.

Well Thousand Watt Stare was playing at Thee Parkside which is a small Punk nightclub in San Francisco. Not very well known which is good since if you do know about it, you want to keep your little secret to yourself. It is a great place to see a band and the people there are very friendly and unpretentious.

As soon as Christian, Pat and Dylan took the stage, they brought it out. It was amazing to think that this was one of their first few shows. They commented how they are new and their performance would have had you question that! It was as if they had been playing for years and you could tell that they all had great experience.

Their music is reminiscent of The Clash and brings out the Ramones and Sex Pistols with only the best to be displayed. Christian’s vocals can be described as Ramones with a touch of Johnny Rotten and a dash of Elvis Costello which is an incredible combination. When Christian does his solos, you have to pick up your jaw from the floor because his refined guitar playing leaves you speachless! Then you have Pat Kim which is a Bass God, (especially after hearing how he cut his finger prior to a previous show, went to the ER, and then went back to play the show!!!) His energy is endless and when you watch him, you know he is enjoying playing every note just as you are enjoying watching and listening. Dylan on the drums smashes the drums and hits them hard and has an intense style. All of them together, make you happy to see that Punk Rock is not dead and is very well alive and revived by Thousand Watt Stare.

With their songs like “Lights Out” and “Downsider”, it will have the teens get their first taste of real original Punk Rock and their parents reminiscing about their younger days listening to The Clash or the Dead Kennedys.

We brought home the EP which was due out on Nov. 16th. Now I will tell you one thing, I get new CDs on a daily basis from people who want me to review them or from Capitol/Virgin so I will always listen, etc. Well Thousand Watt Stare has traveled from my office CD Player to the car for the past 5 days. I love listening to it and Ryan goes to school every morning after listening to “Lights Out”. Then after I take Ryan, I go to drop off almost 4 year old Brandon who demands to know, “who is this band??” I tell him, Thousand Watt Stare and he says… “they are goooooodddd!” He then wants me to play the first song, “Downsider”. After I drop them off, I drive home to my office and sit back and pop in the whole EP and my energy to start the day off is sky high! When you hear “Downsider” you will know what I mean… You just can’t help but move and feel so alive and in control. So, I must tell you this is one EP that you can’t miss! If you find that Thousand Watt Stare is playing near you… go see them… You will be so glad you DID!!

~ Marisol



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  1. Steve says:

    Very cool, i listened to lights out and that is my favorite

  2. peter says:

    Punk Rock will never die out and i have my big black boots and patches to prove it i did listen to their reverbnation stuff and i do like them. the singer gots a great voice

  3. […] and to “Shine”, “Downsider” and “Lights Out” from “Thousand Watt Stare“. Not to mention Christian’s solo project, “Man Without a Name”. Christian […]

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