Rest in Peace Anthony James Radke, older brother of Ronnie Radke

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Breaking News
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Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has suffered the tragic loss of his older brother Anthony James Radke who died in an accident on the morning of August 10, 2013.  Anthony was an avid motorcycle rider and a proud member of Nemesis MC.  Anthony leaves behind his devoted wife Amanda and their five children. Ronnie posted on his Instagram an adorable childhood picture of himself and his brother and the following caption:

“The people I took for granted are gone. My brother died today. I knew one day he would cause of how crazy of a driver he was. The only family I have is my father and him, and now he is gone. he left 5 children and a wife behind. what the hell am I supposed to do now?”


Another post included another photo and the caption:

“Anthony James Radke was my my brothers name, he was 4 years older than me and always protected me. I followed him everywhere and copied everything he did. I am so heartbroken. it doesn’t even seem real.”


Ronnnie has had to deal with so many challenges in the past couple years and through it all has maintained his sobriety, has a beautiful healthy daughter with his fiance Crissy Henderson and continued to grow into a caring wonderful person. In addition to the so called “haters” out there who tend to just focus on the negatives ( no matter how long ago in the past) and just try to bring Ronnie down. He has shown a mature attitude with dealing with them and not engaging them through their hate posts/notes, etc.

I hope we can all send Ronnie and his father our prayers and deepest condolences in this tragic time.  Also, let’s all make sure to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. Maybe reach out and make that call to your brother, sister, old friend, parents and say those things that have been left unsaid.  Let people know how much you do care and just reach out to them.  Here is another Tweet that Ronnie made as he shares a song he had written in 2005 titled “The Day I Left the Womb” from his Escape the Fate days:


Here is the link to the song  to listen to:

Please everyone show your support to Ronnie and his family. Especially pray for Amanda and her children as they are dealing with this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them.

~ Peace, Marisol


Anthony James Radke
Aprl 24, 1980 to August 10, 2013

You can also help Amanda and their kids by donating to the Anthony Radke (AJ) Memorial Fund. Any amount can help so please donate and share this link.  Services will be  held August 17th in Ramona, Kansas for family and close personal friends.  In addition to GiveForward, donations can be made to the Anthony Radke Children’s Education; and they may be sent in care of the Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home & Crematory, Herington Chapel, 404 S. Broadway, Herington, KS, 67449-3038.   Please, let’s join together and help this family as they struggle with an unimaginable loss.  Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family and friends.

Anthony with Ronnie

Anthony with Ronnie

  1. Kate Delabar says:

    Thoughts and prayers and much love to Ronnie and all of his family. I lost my brother in a horrible car accident 25 yrs ago this week. I know your pain all so well. Take care of each other. Love Kate and Skylar

  2. anonymous kansan says:

    He died in a car accident in the middle of the night after his vehicle hit a horse.

  3. Angela Joplin says:

    My heart is heavy for the family of Anthony’s. May God bless each and every one of you and help you through this difficult time. Much love, Angie

  4. unknown says:

    he died in a car accident on his way to work in the morning retard

  5. Scarlett La Rouxx says:

    I really hate motorcycles… First Mitch, now Anthony? Please, no one else die. ;-;

  6. Morgan says:

    I know a some one who crashed his motercycle because some old ladie pulled out in front of him and he nearly died and I don’t know why but he always says sorry to that women who nearly killed him

  7. Omg I hate that word but it’s shorter Ronnie is so adorable wit his bro! <3

  8. That was something to never should have passed. How is possible?? He had a family! I just wanna cry. RIP.

  9. im so sorry for your loss

  10. alanna horton says:

    I have followed Ronnie in every single thing he has done since E.T.F, and I have supported him ever step of the way… I love Ronnie… I feel a lot of the pain he has to deal with I also have not seen my mother since birth so it was just me and my brother I have been to 9 different shows of Ronnie’s but I don’t think that I could ever deal with the pain of losing my brother… this is just one of the many reasons why I admire and love Ronnie he can deal with things in a way most people could only dream of doing. Ronnie I send my love and prayers to you. Amanda I am very sorry for your lose I hope you and your children can get threw this hard time… I will keep you in my prayers <3

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