We made it Friday night to the 1st ever That Metal Show concert which was held at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, CA. The lineup included local favorite Burn Halo, Corey Taylor, Living Colour and Anthrax along with the hosts of That Metal Show; Don Jamieson, Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine.

We left early to make sure we had lots of time to hang out and get ready for a blazing night of metal. Well, after two accidents and road closures, what was to be a 2 hour ride doubled to 4. We arrived in time to hear the last two songs of Burn Halo which we were really looking forward to. We look forward to catch them at Aftershock in September. Corey Taylor did a great acoustic set and Living Colour got the crowd revved up and ready for more.


The heat was blazing at well over a 100 deg and then it really kicked up the heat when Anthrax took to the stage. One thing is certain when you go to an Anthrax show, your energy is at full throttle and you have metal running through your veins. The venue had seating from front to back but that didn’t stop from the crowd making their own fierce moshing in the aisles. It was intense and they sounded spot on, especially for an outdoor concert. The crowd had a wide range of ages, from the metal youngsters to the seniors, everyone was headbanging and had their horns in the air!

Check out the photos by our Rockin Ryan of their set:



It had me excited and already asking about when is the next Anthrax concert!! Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Here we are coming down to the last week of Vans Warped Tour 2014. What a tour it has been and so many great bands have performed. We featured many awesome artists and tonight we want to bring you our coverage of one of our top highlights of 2014 Warped Tour. Of course, it goes to Falling in Reverse which is no surprise because every time we have seen them perform, they exceed our expectations, continuously raising the bar of entertainment for others. They truly shine when they are on the stage!

I think this must have been the 8th and 9th time seeing them perform in only a couple years and each time was better than the next. This was the first time seeing Max Green play bass in Falling in Reverse and he did a bass ass job. In case you missed it before, check out our interview with Max shortly after he announced he was joining Falling in Reverse:

One of the reasons that Falling in Reverse is so damn fun is because of Mr. Ronnie Radke, who is a true entertainer in all aspects. There is no denying it. This is one guy who really proves that no matter how people try to bring him down, he always rises above it and comes back even twice as strong. I love watching him perform and their set was one of the few that we made sure to catch again on our second day of coverage. All the guys are great but I also must point out that Derek was fierce and he really was rockin out during both sets. He truly stood out and worked the stage.  Check out all our photos by Rockin Ryan of their Northern California Warped Tour sets:

This is the last week of Warped Tour and if you are heading out, make sure to get their early and check what time Falling in Reverse is playing and DON’T MISS THEIR SET!  Also, hope you can join us when we catch them performing with Black Veil Brides on their Halloweekend.

  • October 31st   Tempe, AZ
  • November 1st   Los Angeles, CA

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Rock & Rebel Tour Review 

This summer Farewell, My Love and Jamie’s Elsewhere ban together, along with many other bands, to bring us another phenomenal tour. These crazy boys set out to do over fifty dates in under three months! Now if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is!

I was lucky enough to catch them towards the start of the tour down in Burnsville, Minnesota at The Garage. To anyone in the area, I definitely recommend this venue if you’re looking for an intimate show with a good atmosphere and friendly folks.

The concert opened with local band, In Light of Us, rocking the house. Though the band has yet to gain much traction, they are very talented and deserve some recognition. They created a great energy in the room for lionfight to follow up with a theatrical, bone chilling performance.

lionfight and fellow co-opener Incredible’ Me both bring screaming to the table, but what lionfight lacks in softer vocals, they make up for with aesthetics. With a lead singer sporting white-out contacts and a torn up shirt, plus a guitarist that made many girls scream by rolling his eyes in the back of his head, their act is vaguely reminiscent of Rob Zombie’s horror movie worthy performances. However, they bring a much more modern sound.

As far as Incredible’ Me goes, I could honestly tell you I have no way of classifying this unordinary band. Their unique sound consists of pop punk mixed with screamo. That’s something you don’t find everyday! I can promise, as weird as it may sound, the band rocks this mix. They’ve also got something else you don’t see every day; a female guitarist! Yes, folks, that’s right! Hayley Williams isn’t the only chick that knows how to rock. Coming from the mouth of a female myself, I can tell you it’s a very empowering feeling to see a woman on stage, headbanging next to a bunch of guys! Incredible’ Me has a great sound, awesome line-up, and overall inspiring message.

After a great set of opening bands, Jamie’s Elsewhere came out and shook the walls! Literally, the walls shook as they blasted the speakers! These guys know how to jam, and so do the fans. Jamie’s Elsewhere manages what many screamo bands tend to lack; balance. Many lead singers these days choose to just scream through a song, but Jamie’s Elsewhere brings a perfect balance between singing and screaming. Their sound is one that travels through the mind and causes an uproar with fans.

The night was closed off with the guys everyone came for; Farewell, My Love! Being the first time I’ve seen the band live, I was absolutely blown away by the energy they carry. Much like many bands emerging in rock recently, they works hard to bring back the showmanship of the ’80s. With Mötley Crüe-esc stage outfits (handmade by Brent Ashley of Arrogant Armor) and a guitarist rockin’ Sebastian Bach’s hair, it’s easy to see the influence of glam rock in Farewell, My Love.

Don’t be fooled though! They aren’t another group of Poison wanna-be’s. Farewell, My Love has a beautiful sound of modern rock and, I’d even bargain to say, a little modern vaudeville. Much like Panic! At The Disco, they incorporate a very vibrate theater sound, along with a positive message and vibe reminiscent of My Chemical Romance.

If you ask me, I believe these guys will be the next MCR. Guitarists Logan Thayer and Röbby Creasey shred and rock out on stage like nothing I’ve ever seen. Along with skilled bassist Charlee Conley, they play until their fingers bleed, all for their passion! In all the chaos, drummer Chad Kowal manages to keep the beat and sing backup vocals with an amazing voice. The cherry on top is frontman Ryan Howell wowing a crowd with his incomparable and untouchable voice. Putting these five together creates a powerhouse of talent that reels in extremely loving and devoted fans.

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It all goes past the music though. Both during the show and afterwards, they make efforts to meet and interact with all their fans. As someone who has only briefly spoken to the band a few times on social media, I was amazed they recognized my face. After having full conversations with them and watching them interact with fans, they proved to me that amongst thousands of followers, they care about each and every one.

That is what you call good, wholesome people! If only all bands could learn that passion for the music and fans goes a long way. Farewell, My Love, along with Jamie’s Elsewhere, lionfight, and Incredible Me’ certainly know this! If you’d like to support wholehearted, dedicated people, and watch a fantastic rock show, I suggest catching these bands next time they hit your town!

By Meryl DeWitt, Guest Contributor

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 For more about Farewell, My Love Check out our coverage from their Santa Rosa, CA shows here:


Band Links

In Light of Us


 Incredible’ Me

 Jamie’s Elsewhere


Farewell, My Love

Remembering When: an achingly delicious EP from Laura Evans

LAURA_EVANS_ .cover 1100

Remembering When is an artistic triumph, a tour d’force for a debut EP, and with it Laura Evans has staked her claim to stardom.

by Patrick O’Heffernan - Host, Music Friday Liveeffernan


Making the transition from film and television to music is not always easy.  Some people never quite make it;  others glide into music with their visual entertainment chops totally intact and their music totally awesome because it is their passion.  Fortunately for us, Laura J. Evans made the transition smoothly because her music is as bright and exciting as her smile on the big screen and music is her first passion.  Evans relocated to Los Angeles from South Wales in the uk after a career in television and film,  to pursue her dream, country music.   It is easy to understand why she shifted to music when you hear the passion and the sheer talent she puts into her songs.

laura evans

The UK’s loss is our gain.  Working with her co-writer and producer, Jeff Zacharski,

Laura brings a viewpoint and a style to soulful country music – actually to all music – that captures audiences from the first note of this debut EP and tells them, this is a star.

Remembering When is a substantial work, 7 songs, each perfectly and painstakingly crafted, for over 27 minutes of country soul and pop and ballads.  But there is something special to these songs.  They are not the classic “somebody-done-someone-wrong songs” that inhabit much of the country landscape.  They tell stories of heartbreak and redemption and even a Chevy pickup, but Evans’ writing has a universal appeal and deep emotional impact that feels very close to a Mariah Carey or a Johnny Cash.  These are real stories about real feelings, whether the people in them are drawn from her life or are composites, they hit home and they create images that form in your mind while your ears luxuriate in the music.  Every song is a winner; some are truly remarkable.

The opening song, “Ride” snags your country soul immediately with a mandolin and pedal steel guitar and rolling country ride beat.  You know you are in Country country, and when Laura comes in with her sweet classical voice and southern accent,  you’re very glad you are.  The refrain “I’m gonna ride down this lonely road tonight “  is comfortable, classic CW– tap your feet, clap your hands and take a two-step twirl.  But then you listen to the lyrics and stop dead in your tracks:

We’ve been stuck inside this haunting lullaby,/The words that tore apart our trust, our love was built on lies/ And even tho it’s overdue this is my last Goodbye,/No turning back, this fade to black, the stinging in my eyes

You aren’t sure if you should cheer or cry or both.  That is the genius of Evans- the meaning and emotion she packs into spare space-word poetry combined with the ability to set it to music that is comfortable and addictive is the mark of a true talent and a rising star.


The title track, “Remember When”, continues the classic country theme with strong guitar backing and a light-touch percussion that scaffolds rather than competes with her angelic voice. The lyrics take you through stages of a lost love in the aching glow of memory – the joys of first meeting, the moonlight kisses, the twinge of wanting to go back to that time.  All reinforced with the refrain that you can’t get out your head.  I can see Evans at a concert with thousands of fans waving glow sticks and singing:

 Remember When, everything started

You held my hand, checked my heart in

under the moonlight, kissed me goodnight,

shadows in your headlights, nothin’s ever felt so right

 The next song, “What’s Left of Me” is my star of the EP.  An affectionate, poetic ballad that forms haunting charcoal images in your mind of a vulnerable woman struggling with her vision of herself and a love that could have been but for timing.  Evans begins the song with just piano, setting the tone, pulling your heartstrings; then rest of the band tiptoes in, forming a sheer, almost invisible curtain of sound that she glides over as she stirs you emotions, makes you think of your past, your might-have-beens.  This is not a commercial radio song looking for spins; it is a accomplishment of writing and performance that will stand for years. It is such delicious pain that it is hard to stop listening.

Evans changes course and ups the tempo with “In Her Shoes”, moving back to a solid country theme, but with a twist.  There is a Chevy pickup with a cute redhead next to the driver, but this is not a party song about cruisin’ the main in Bakersfield or Nashville.  Evans is watching the scene from afar, strumming a western guitar, remembering when she was the girl in the truck with the same guy years ago and how she has grown and matured and he hasn’t.  It is a song about heartbreak, yes, but the heartbreak was in the distant past and has become a lesson she learned, but he hasn’t.  “In Her Shoes” is a story, but it is also a cautionary tale for men who won’t grow up and women who are attracted to them.

She moves back into ballad territory with More of Me, recorded live with just her on the piano. This is for fans, people who love her voice and her poetry.  There are no hooks here to get it on the radio, no complex rhythms or overdubs or even guitars;  just Evans, wide-open, vulnerable, powerful. Despite its stripped down simplicity, more than any other song, More of Me establishes her as an artist of immense talent.  Where “Remember When” will rouse the crowd to wave and sing, More of Me, will hush  them and make them cry. The ability to do both is the mark of a extraordinary artist.

Laura Evans

Take a breath as the final notes of “More of Me” fade and then turn to the next song, “Stand By,  the essence of country soul.  Evans is once again a separate observer, watching the girl standing by, waiting for her chance, hoping for love.  And once again, you can image the swaying crowd singing the refrain,

She’ll just standby, wait in line/

And hope that someday, you’ll be more than friends/

wondering why/She’s on standby


The EP sunsets with a lullaby, The Other Side, a soulful ballad that showcases Evan’s voice in a lower register. She is not sexy, but sensual and lovingly intimate.  As she wishes you “good night, good night, sweet dreams and sleep tight  I will see you on the other side” you want her to hold your hand as you slip away.  When the song ends, you will find yourself quiet, thoughtful, trying to understand what has just happened to you.

Remembering When is an artistic triumph, a tour d’force for a debut EP, and with it Laura Evans has staked her claim to stardom.


Patrick O’Heffernan

Host, Music Friday Liveeffernan



Remembering When by Laura J. Evans

Available on CDBaby and iTunes




Norma Jean

Next week Norma Jean will kick off a headline tour in the U.S. and Canada with supporting acts Night Verses and The Prestige. The tour kicks off on August 1st in Louisville, KY. More tour dates will be announced soon and we are hoping it will include a Northern California show.

Last year Norma Jean released their sixth full length album, Wrongdoers (Razor & Tie) , to critical praise and commercial success.  The Atlanta based Grammy-nominated act esteemed for their aggressively artful sound, crashed into the charts with a first week album debut at #37 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.  Wrongdoers marks the band’s second highest career-charting debut in over five years since the release of The Anti-Mother. Wrongdoers also debuted on a series of other Billboard charts including #3 on Hard Rock, #3 Vinyl and #7 on Rock.  Wrongdoers is available at the – iTunes Store HERE (

Check out the tour dates below:

  • August 1 – Louisville, KY @ Diamond Pub
  • August 2 – Jamestown, NY @ LVN Renaissance Center
  • August 3 – Long Island, NY @ Amityville Music Hall
  • August 4 – Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
  • August 5 – Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
  • August 6 – Kingston, ON @ Overtime
  • August 7 – St. Catharines, ON @ Coco Cabana
  • August 8 – Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck
  • August 9 – London, ON @ Rum Runners
  • August 10 – Windsor, ON @ Dominion House
  • August 11 – Lansing, MI @ The Loft
  • August 13 – Cudahy, WI @ The Metal Grill
  • August 14 – Fargo, ND @ The New Direction
  • August 15 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo Cabaret
  • August 17 – Edmonton, AB @ The Studio
  • August 18 – Calgary, AB @ The Den
  • August 20 – Vancouver, BC @ The Biltmore Cabaret
  • August 21- Seattle, WA – El Corazon
  • August 22 – Richland, WA – Ray’s Golden Lion
  • August 23- Spokane, WA @ The Octagon – Octapalooza

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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It has only been a couple days since the release of the sophomore LP The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways by  Crown the Empire.  It has definitely been getting a lot of praise and great attention. The album is one of those that you will enjoy from start to finish and each song is great.  Crown the Empire have released the official music video for one of my favorite songs off the album, Machines. Check it out here:


We had the opportunity to briefly chat with David and Brandon before their performance at Warped Tour. Check it out here:

After Warped Tour, get ready for their headlining tour, Welcome To The Resistance Tour. It is set to start on August 30th in Anaheim at the Chain Reaction. The tour will also feature Volumes, Secrets, Ice Nine Kills and The Family Ruin. Check out the dates below:



The band has also launched a new website at Meanwhile as you wait for the new album, get yourself to a show! Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Check out photos of Crown The Empire by our Rockin Ryan from their Warped Tour set:



North Carolina pop-metal icons Alesana have announced a new tour  featuring their Revival Recordings label-mates Megosh. The “Chaos Is A Ladder” tour begins on 9/12 and The Funeral Portrait and The Things They Carried will be joining on 9/19.  “We are very excited to announce the Chaos Is A Ladder tour!” says vocalist/guitarist Shawn Milke (who is also the owner of Revival Recordings). “As we are busy writing the conclusion to our Annabel trilogy, it will be nice to take a break and play some rock shows for our fans, including songs that span our entire career from Try This With Your Eyes Closed all the way through The Decade EP.  Joining us will be our good friends in Megosh, The Funeral Portrait, and The Things They Carried.  September can not get here soon enough!  See you at the show!” 



Make sure to pick up Alesana‘s current release, The Decade EP on iTunes here. You can pick up your tickets for the Chaos Is A Ladder Tour at the links below:

9/12 Austin, TX-Dirty Dog
9/13 Tyler, TX- Crossroads Music
9/14 Dallas, TX-Trees
9/15 Houston, TX-Warehouse Live
9/19 Atlanta, GA-Masquerade
9/20 Ybor City, FL-Orpheum
9/21 Orlando, FL-Backbooth
9/22 Jacksonville, FL-1904
9/23 Greensboro, NC-Green Street Club
9/24 Raleigh, NC-Southland
9/25 Springfield, VA-Empire
9/26 Providence, RI-Simons 677
9/27 New York, NY-Webster Hall

Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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