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Salme Dahlstrom is a marvel  She not only writes, performs and produces dance music that is  irrepressible, but she licenses virtually everything she does to TV or movies, so you have  probably heard her music even  if you don’t know it.  Which means that chances are,  Salme  Dahlstrom is a part of the soundtrack of your life.

And that’s a good thing.  Her music can hum in the background while you go about your day with a little extra energy and bounce, or it can shimmer in the foreground as you notice it’s 4 am and you are still dancing.  Either way Salme’s tunes are is not only the best party music on the air today, they are also the creation of an experienced artist and as such they demand attention on that level as well as on the dance floor.  Salme is a woman so confident in her talent that she long ago transcended pop’s angst to produce music that is intelligent as well as hooky, sophisticated as well as accessible, and always fun to listen to.  And with the release of Pop Propaganda 2: Retro Funk Soul Junction, there is even more Salme to enjoy.

Pop Propaganda 2’s hooks and beats and courageous mixes are non-stop fun for  both your feet  and your  mind. Salme transcends pop and takes us to a new planet of  musical addiction.  Hooked is an understatement.


And there is much to enjoy on PP2, starting at the top with a love song with attitude, Love +Shine, carried with  signature 60’s rock guitar  riffs, steady,  sophisticated  drumming, efx guitars and her  precisely modulated and tuned voice, including a falsetto, which raises the ceiling of  whatever room you are in.  This is Salme at her most glorious:  trippy, precise, confident – even cocky  by her  own admission –  and a bit psychedelic.  You can parse the words, you can analyze the effects, you can  delve into  the inspiration, but one thing you can’t  do  is  sit still.

The next song is the single, “Pop Yr Heart  Out”, but  I am  going to leave that until  the end because of  a courageous experiment she does  with it on the album.  “Superfunky Babes”  a seemingly pure  dance number celebrating summer party time, was written to be the “ultimate summer song”  invoking visions of  rooftop  dancing in the sunshine.  But, as with all things Salme, there is more.  The genesis of the song is convoluted – the title came  first, then the verse melody with the line “Superfunky babes walking the street”, then the chorus,  a lyrical work-around. The result is a song about  women  dancing and walking sensually that is not sexual – a neat trick and one necessary to keep the song a celebration of summer and not a riff on  female  body parts. She pulls it off  with intelligence and fun.

“Bodies in Motion” follows and is exactly what it  claims. High energy funky drums,  tuned  lyrics , Cole Williamson backing vocals;  it  does what is says – keeps  your  body in motion  with pure fun funk. “Rocking the Spot”  upshifts the energy,  downshifts the funk and swirls  in  the 60’s.  Intricate drums, fast-paced lyrics,  a call and answer partying vibe colored with a 60’s na  a na na, nan  na come together expertly. The production is spot on, as is the production every song on the album, very layered, very high gloss,  very professional but  accessible.

The bonus track, “Barcelona  Babe”  comes at us from a seeming  other world, as Salme’s pure, feminine voice beckons us with hey, hey, hey there.  When we come she seduces us with sound effects and a three-layered  drum beat heavy on the lower end kick and toms. Lots of fun, both for her,  as she played with her new Nexus 2 for  the effects, and for us tapping our feet and whirling under the flashing lights.


The heart of the album to me was  “Pop Ur  Heart Out”, done four different ways.  Taking up almost half the album with the same song done in different styles is a risk than  only the supremely confident Salme could or would  take.  But  even riskier was  how  she did it.  She sent  the initial single to three other artists: the San Francisco-based glitchhop  duo Spekr Freks; the wildly prolific music producer DJ Phunkae; and Eugeny Lobanovsky, the dubstep  artist known as Quadrat Beat. What she got back – and put on her album – are  three very different, and very  entertaining versions of “Pop Ur  Heart Out” ranging from the glitch hip hop style of SpekFreks, to a very sexy rendition by DJ Funkae, to a totally unique and wonderful sped up dance take by Quadrat Beat.  An act of courage on her part that paid off in great dividends for her fans.

But that is what you get with Salme – courage, talent, excitement, energy and everything done to  the highest standards possible. She is pure  New York.  Pop Propaganda 2 radiates the city’s  diversity and energy; you can hear the rooftop  parties, the basement raves, the living streets  of New York in every song. It’s no  wonder;  Salme is quintessential  New York energy and work ethic; he plays every instrument, writes and sings every lyric and produces every song herself,  pouring her essence and her ethic  into each line and note  and riff.  Taken individually, each song on Pop Propaganda2  can stand alone as either a  rock-‘till-you drop  dance  number, or a joyfully listenable social commentary.  Taken together, they combine into what should be at very least the dance album of the year.

By Patrick O’Heffernan, host Music Friday Live!


Pop Propaganda 2:  Retro,  Funk, Soul Junction

Salme Dahlstrom

Available on iTunes, Amazon, CD  Baby, The Store


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Postcards from Jeff will be releasing a new album in the spring of 2015. Today they are offering a free download of their new song, Veronica. Head over to and get your free download.

Postcards From Jeff is enigmatic multi-instrumentalist and producer Joss Worthington who writes, plays, records and mixes all his own material to produce snapshots – postcards – of the city life he looks down onto from his home and studio high in the bleak Yorkshire moors.’ Once you take a listen to Veronica you will be excited for the upcoming release. Joss does an amazing job of bringing his words to life when he sings and paints you a picture and scene through his melodies.

Make sure to visit the social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

~ Marisol

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Monday night we made it down to San Francisco to catch Vacationer as they set to perform at Slim’s. The weekend was filled with SF Giant mania and Monday was a great night off for the World Series. One thing is for sure, Vacationer brought the chillest of vibes to San Francisco.  There is something about watching them perform where you are just whisked away to a tropical island, surrounded by friends, singing along and sharing the most relaxed, kick back atmosphere in a room full of friends. Whatever things are on your mind, worries or challenges you may be facing, the second you listen to Vacationer, they all just disappear and you can’t help but have a great time. It is an instant mood elevator and you feel like you are on one big vacation!

The venue was packed but that didn’t hinder anyone’s enjoyment as the crowd swayed to rhythm of the songs and everyone appeared to have an excellent time!  Check out the photos by our Rockin Ryan of the set:

Vacationer is a collaborative effort with vocalist/bassist Kenny Vasoli and his production partners Grant Wheeler and Matthew Young from the band Body Language. We had the opportunity to talk with Kenny before his set and we will be bringing that interview to you later this weekend. If you don’t already have it, I would strongly suggest to you to pick up their latest release,Relief which is an absolute much needed dose of fun, feel good music. Check out the video for one of my favorite songs from their album, The Wild Life.


Check out the tour dates below and see if you will be able to catch them out on tour.

Tour Dates:

  • November 1 – Vancouver, BC @ Electric Owl – Brick+Morter Support
  • November 4 – Edmonton, AB   @ The Starlite Room w/St. Lucia
  • November 5 – Calgary, AB @ The Republik w/St. Lucia
  • November 7 – Winnipeg, MB @ Pyramid Cabaret w/St. Lucia
  • November 8 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue w/St. Lucia
  • November 10 – Chicago, IL @ Metro w/St. Lucia
  • November 11 – Chicago, IL @ Metro w/St. Lucia
  • November 12 – Detroit, MI @ Crofoot Ballroom w/St. Lucia
  • November 14 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall w/St. Lucia
  • November 15 – Albany, NY @ The Hollow w/St. Lucia
  • November 16   Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse – Brick+Morter Support
  • November 17   Boston, MA @ The Sinclair – Brick+Morter Support

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Today is the day for the release by Gothic Punk Rock band Ashestoangels of their album, Horror Cult. This album is amazing from start to finish. There is no better day to release this musical gem than Halloween. It is like all the ghosts and spirits are ready to rise from the dead and rock out in appreciation for this music. Beware, this album will definitely haunt you but in a GOOD WAY! I love it! Today they have released another video. This time for their song, Bury Us In Black. Crilly had this to say about the song, Bury Us In Black” is one of the most personal songs on the record; I wrote it at a real low point. When I wrote those words and those chords I didn’t know if anything I ever wrote was going to make it out in a song. But I guess it didn’t matter much, I had to get it on the page. Made me feel better. If anyone can find some kind of solace in my words then I guess it was all worth it. Check out the video here:

The next video to check out is for Run.  About the new video,  “We set out to just make a straight performance video for this song, but when we arrived at the location it just spiraled out of control. Before we knew it we were sharpening sickle and chasing the residents around the farm with an axe. As you do. Maybe we watch too many horror movies…:  .Check out the new video here:

In case you missed the first two videos, check them out below:

The first is Six Six Six and Crilly explains,  “It’s been a while since we’ve released anything new so we knew we had to deliver something intense. The song is like a prelude to the whole album, it’s frantic and energetic and the video is a visual representation of that. We didn’t want to distract with a storyline, just the four of us in a room letting the world know we are back and ready to take this thing to the next level.”  Check out the video here:

The next video is for Still Dead and Crilly had this to say about it, “A big part of what makes us Ashestoangels is the contrasts within our music. Still Dead is like a counterpoint to the heavier moments, a respite from the speed and aggression. Lyrically this song is very important to me and I think the change of pace lets the words take centre stage.” Check it out here:

I am completely loving these tracks and when you pick up the new album, you will be blown away but the rest. They definitely have a complete album with 10 varied songs that give a complete punk rock attitude wrapped in a goth vibe.  It doesn’t isolate itself by being boxed in to a particular genre so you will find a wide variety of fans appreciate this album. Make sure to check out the song, Living Hell which features William Control who also produced the album. Mary Jane Kelly and 666 are a couple of my faves and have the perfect anthemic punk styles and I swear they will have you infected with energy. I love the punk angst vocals in Heavy Words as it unleashes the contained rage! Still Dead brings a great mysterious alternative rock vibe alive and I love the basslines. There is not one track on there that I don’t absolutely love. This is they type of album that you will play from start to finish and find yourself with it on repeat.


Make sure to pick up Horror Cult available on iTunes and Amazon.  The band is planning on releasing a total of 10 videos from the new album so stay tuned. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.   Ashestoangels will be playing tonight at The Arches in Conventry UK. What an amazing show that will be especially on the release night of this album. I bet the energy in the venue will be alive with music as well as spirits and ghosts.

~ Marisol

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Sunday night in San Francisco was an awesome one. While many were watching the SF Giants shut out the Kansas City Royals in game 5 of the World Series, we were excited to be at the Termintour at the Above DNA Lounge. We were blown away by The Rabid Whole and you can read more about them here.  But the magic of the music didn’t end there, Cyanotic came out and completely dominated the DNA as they unleashed their angry robot noises to the crowd. It was fierce and their style of music can be described as part electronic rock blended with punk angst vocals and sprinkled with aggressive metal. Just the right recipe to create the most intense music that will satisfy your need for ear porn! Cyanotic still stands to be one of the most innovative bands to blend genres together and form their own signature sound. Their music have inspired so many to follow suit and create their own fusion of music.

The powerful vocals of Sean have the right balance of punk angst and an air of rage that just seizes you and captures your full attention. Chris comes out and is amazing on stage, it is as if he is possessed by the guitar gods! He is completely “in the zone” as his blazing out riffs and stomping on stage, he can stop you dead in your tracks with his eyes! Jordan is the electronic genius as he is holding everything together with synths and samples while still displaying an energetic stage presence. Cyanotic is definitely part man/part machine and you too must hear their angry robot noises. Check out the photos from our Rockin Ryan of their set:

We had a chance to talk with Cyanotic after their set and we will be bringing that interview to you this weekend. They have some great words of wisdom in relation to the music scene today and are defintely worthy of your attention. Make sure check the dates below that remain on the “TerminaTour” and get yourself to a show. We have to keep the music scene alive and the best way to do that, is to get yourself to a show and support these great musicians.

11/01: Los Angeles, CA @ Bar Sinister
11/03: Oklahoma City, OK @ Voodoo Lounge
11/04: Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
11/05: St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
11/07: St. Louis, MO @ The Crack Fox
11/08: La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse

Cyanotic is:

  • Sean Payne: Vocals, Samples, Drums
  • Chris Hryniewieck: Guitars
  • Jordan Davis: Synths, Samples, Drums


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

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We told you to hang on a bit longer and here it is… our interview with The Rabid Whole when they made their stop in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge. Check out the interview here:


In case you missed any of our coverage from their stop in SF, check it out below. Make sure to see them when they come to a venue near you!! They are not to be missed!

* * * * * * * * *

This past Sunday we made it to San Francisco and no, not for the World Series, for something much more energetic and climatic! We were at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco for the Cyanotic and The Rabid Whole TERMINATOUR. It was definitely the right place to be as these bands were over the top with energy and delivered sets that would rival our concert coverage of 2014! We will be bringing you coverage of Cyanotic later but for now, let me tell you how The Rabid Whole completely blew us away with their set.

The Above DNA Lounge has quite an intimate setting but when you get an energetic band on that small stage, the room can’t contain the adrenaline running through everyone’s veins. That is exactly what The Rabid Whole did. They came out and gave 150% of themselves on that stage, it was as if they were playing for a crowd of 10,000! I love a band that comes out and delivers their all every single time and that is what The Rabid Whole does. Their music can be described as a blend of electronic infused alternative rock but even die hard rockers or metalheads will fall fast in love with them. If you ever had a doubt about where music is headed, no need to worry The Rabid Whole is the answer that we have been searching for. We had a chance to interview them after their set and will be bringing the interview to you later this week.

Each member has excellent stage presence and are outstanding at captivating the audience. Vocalist Andreas is fierce when he sings and he gets the crowd amped up from start to finish. Chalsey is not only a bad ass keyboardist but her vocals draw you right in and have you hooked. George is kicking out some cool riffs and Matt on drums consistently rocked the beat as he gave a show with his sticks flying in the air. Then we have to tell you about Oscar, the madman on bass. He is like a caged animal on that stage, ready to pounce and he literally gives every ounce of his energy to the crowd. Amazing band that bring depths and tones to their music and completely rocks! Rock ain’t dead, The Rabid Whole have just revived it and added a couple electronic cyborg parts to it and are ready to take over! Check out the photos from our Rockin Ryan of their set:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are still more dates left out on the Terminatour so check the list below and see where you can catch The Rabid Whole live. Also be sure to pick up their latest release, Problems, at a show or through their Bandcamp page.

NOV 01: LOS ANGELES, CA – Bar Sinister
NOV 03: OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Voodoo Lounge
NOV 04: KANSAS CITY, MO – The Riot Room
NOV 05: ST PAUL, MN – Amsterdam Bar & Hall
NOV 07: ST. LOUIS, MO – The Crack Fox
NOV 08: LACROSSE, WI- Warehouse


Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Tomorrow on the eve of the 88th anniversary of Houdini’s death, Criss Angel will be unveiling his latest creation, The SUPERNATURALISTS™, which will be his third love show. This show will feature 8 mind-blowing magicians that destroy reality and revolutionize the live magic ensemble experience. It will premiere at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut and launch a three week run and will then continue on as a national and world tour! Dates will be announced in the coming months and I hope they have plenty planned for California.

Criss Angel explains his motivation for The SUPERNATURALISTS™:  “While there are other ensemble shows out there, performing many of the same illusions that have been around for years, my goal is to redefine magic touring like Cirque du Soleil did for the Circus.  I’ve scoured the globe for the very best performers, each in their respected disciplines, and our lineup is historic.”

The unprecedented world-class cast includes a variety of magicians from around the globe:

“The Illusionist” Brett Daniels (U.S.): Honored as Magician Of The Year and two-time Entertainer Of The Year, Daniels has starred in more than a dozen network magic TV specials.  “I’m not only honored to be working with the most successful magician on planet earth but I’m excited about this show,” Brett says.  “This show will redefine magic touring as we know it and–trust me, as creator of some of the current magic shows on the road–The SUPERNATURALISTS™ will be unlike any magic touring show ever produced.”

“The Mystfier” Cosentino (Australia): The most successful magician from his country, he was awarded International Magician Of The Year and is the creator and star of four of his own mega-hit rated primetime magic TV specials. He was the winner of Dancing With The Stars and second place in Australia’s Got Talent.  “I’ve been courted by other ensemble magic shows in the past, but declined since I’ve been selling out my own national tours for years,” Cosentino adds.  “I’m thrilled to be a part of Criss’ peerless creative vision, this incredible cast and what’s in store – it’s light years beyond what we know in magic. It’s genius.”

“The Mentalist” Banachek (South Africa): Lifetime Achievement award recipient, two time Entertainer Of The Year, he was also awarded Outstanding Contribution To The World Of Mentalism.  Banacheck is the only man to fool scientists with the power of his mind; he is known by his peers as the greatest mentalist alive, and is the author of eight best-selling magic/mentalism books.

“The Street Magician Phenom” Adrian Vega (Spain): The only first place winner in both the categories of close-up and stage magic in the Cordoba magic competition and winner of the Spanish Championship Of Close-Up magic. He has been awarded Spanish Magician Of The Year by his peers and received a special Award Of Merit in London.

“The Femme Fatale Of Legerdemain” Krystyn (U.S.):  Leading magic’s female revolution, she has dominated the field on stage and on camera, was featured in Teen Vogue, on the Today Show and in 10 episodes of the Criss Angel BeLIEve television series. Krystyn has been awarded World Teen Magician, placed second on America’s Most Talented Kids, has been honored by the Magic Castle with the Junior Achievement Award and starred in the documentary “Make Believe”–an award winning film.

“The Dog Whisperer Of Magic” Johnny (Columbia):  One of the most original and in-demand acts out there, he has been awarded Best Showman Of Columbia two times and has performed in circuses around the world for over 30 years. His love for animals and uncanny ability to understand their behavior has resulted in the most unbelievable magic act and the ONLY one in the world of its kind

And last–but not least–physical comedy master “The Joker” The Great Maestro (Mexico): Kung Fu World Champion and co-star of over twenty five hundred performances of Criss Angel BeLIEve LIVE at the Luxor in Las Vegas, he has appeared in numerous episodes of both the MINDFREAK and BeLIEve television series, and continues with his hilarious live performances in Vegas while performing on tour in The SUPERNATURALISTS™…with the use of a teleportation device…

The mind-blowing The SUPERNATURALISTS™ will destroy reality.  “I’ve been working on this concept for many years and I know my co-producer Brett Daniels has as well,” Crissreveals.  “We are resolute in our mission to bring to the stage a truly revolutionary theatrical experience of magic unlike anything that has ever been seen before.”

And lastly, Criss Angel will be joining the cast himself…virtually!  Says Angel, “In addition to being a part of each performance via LIvE video feed from Las Vegas, I will be making myself available to the media and will make surprise, unannounced appearances in The SUPERNATURALISTS™–it’s gonna be a blast!”

For an exclusive behind the scenes peek from the cast of The SUPERNATURALISTS™, go to

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