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It is finally here! The release of the music video by The Hollywood Kills for their bad ass track, I Don’t Walk Straight. The straight up rockin track is off of their MUST HAVE EP, Coming of Age which was released earlier this year. You can read our review of their EP here.  As I mentioned before, “The Hollywood Kills new EP, “Coming of Age” should be marketed as the instant mood elevator! Who needs antidepressants when you have an EP filled with 5 songs that will get you out of any funk you could ever be in.  I love music that makes you feel so alive and takes you to even a new found level of euphoric bliss.”  Check out the video here:


The Hollywood Kills may be from Nashville, TN but they mean business with their rock n roll sound sprinkled with punk, pop and even Motown. The video which I had the chance to check out is awesome and really captures the fun nature of this band. The track I Don’t Walk Straight is one of my favorites off the EP and has a megaphone vocal intro that I love and the sweetest bluesy rock guitars that take you from dirty to fuzz and back again. I can watch that video over and over again!

You can also check out their lyric video for another great song, Loose Change. This catchy track takes the heat a notch up, with a seductive tale of some women I am sure many are all too familiar with. It has some of the best lyrics and the catchiest melody blended with sexy guitars. Check out the video here:

Make sure to pick up your copy of Coming of Age on  Itunes here or on their website and when you start to listen, it will be as if you put on those rose colored glasses. Everything is finer, colors are brighter, emotions intensified and you can’t help but share in your elation as you listen to The Hollywood Kills. Remember that old saying, “Don’t worry, be happy” it should be changed to “Don’t Worry, Listen to The Hollywood Kills!”

~ Marisol

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All Hail the Mighty Kevin at Computer Care! Why you ask? Because he was able to salvage some of our external hard drive that held two days of Warped Tour coverage…..So now that bits of our little WD drive is back at the office where it belongs, it is time for us to unleash the first batch of photos which includes Breathe Carolina!


Breathe Carolina were amazing both days of our coverage. One thing is for sure, with all of our interviews and running around, we rarely get the time to see every band’s set and even more rare to catch them twice. But with Breathe Carolina, we put everything aside to make sure we were able to see them twice. That is how incredible their shows are. The crowd was filled from front to back, weaving in between the booths. It was a frickin party out there! Check out Rockin Ryan’s photos from their sets:


Breathe Carolina is performing the whole tour of Warped Tour and will continue to draw some of the largest and most energetic crowds. If you don’t already have, pick up Savages on iTunes here.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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With Nonpoint‘s lead guitarist Dave Lizzio announcing his departure from the band, let’s all welcome BC Kochmit (Eye Empire, Switched) on guitar. It was a very amical departure and we wish Dave all the best in his future endeavors. Nonpoint are gearing up for the release of their new album, The Return which is set for a September 30th release through Razor & Tie Records. The album was produced by Grammy nominated producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Staind, Megadeth) and Daniel Salcidoto. The band has also launched the new album pre-order bundles at Various bundles include album, digital download, T-shirts, Hoodie, hat, and sunglasses.

Nonpoint vocalist Elias Soriano explains, “Last record we stepped in a direction we’ve wanted to for years and our fans revered us for it.  This record we have gotten up to speed and dropped the pedal to the floor.  I think our fans will embrace this record in a way no other Nonpoint record has been viewed or loved.  We left no room for question of what we are trying to accomplish with our music or who we are. We haven’t gone back to old school.  We didn’t reflect on our past.  We didn’t discuss what works. We are not “Statement” Nonpoint or even “Bullet” Nonpoint…… “The Return” is Nonpoint right the fuck now.”

Check out the new song from the album, Breaking Skin. It definitely kicks ass and I can’t wait for what is in store with the album. I love the energy these guys deliver and their songs always get me pumped up and ready to sieze the day and any challenges I may face!

Here is the track listing for the album:


1. Pins and Needles
2. Breaking Skin

3. Razors

4. Misery

5. The Return

6. Take Apart This World

7. Forcing Hands

8. Goodbye Letters

9. Never Ending Hole

10. Widowmaker

11. Never Cared Before

12. F__K’D

13. Know Myself

Nonpoint has some upcoming tour dates and hopefully they are coming to a venue near you! Make sure to also visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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The Slang is an alternative/power pop/rock band from Columbus, Ohio that will easily soon become one of your favorites. The Slang consists of John Bobo on Vocals, Multi-Instrumentalist, Michael Dillon on Drums and John Newsome on Bass. They have recently released their new single, Feels Like Work which is off their upcoming self-titled due September 2nd. The album was recorded at the Cutting Room, the album was mixed by Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, Tokyo Police Club) and Mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys).  Check out the song here in their official video for it:

The song really captures the a particular time in my life for me back in the 90′s where my music taste was satiated by the independent music underground of alternative rock which I was fed my fix daily through college radio stations. I really love this song and the vocals bring me back to my love for Thom Yorke in which they have the similar engaging style. You are just drawn into the vocals and your mind meshes with the notes, sounds, and tones of the song, simply enveloping you and creating your own new world.

I am looking forward to the new EP and even more so, excited about word of a tour by The Slang in support of it. The tour is set to start in the Fall of 2014 featuring John Bobo, John Newsome, Matt Thiedt (guitar/keys) and Michael Dillon (drums). Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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 Cherri Bomb returns to the Troubadour in Hollywood.

They are set to perform on August 16th for Summershock 2014.

More information and to purchase tickets head over to the Troubadour Event Page here.


Check out the promo video that Rockin Ryan made:


Each of these four have a standout stage presence which delivers the audience a top notch performance. I can’t wait for you to check them out at their Troubadour show!


Nia Lovelis: Drums and Vocals

Miranda Miller:

Miranda Miller: Guitar, Keys and Vocals

Rena Lovelis: Bass and Vocals

Rena Lovelis: Bass and Vocals

Casey Moreta: Lead Guitar and Vocals

Casey Moreta: Lead Guitar and Vocals

We had the chance to talk with Cherri Bomb before their set and in case you missed it, you can check it out here:

Make sure to pick up their album, This is The End of Control, available here on iTunes, visit their social media sites, and hope to see you at the Troubadour show!

~ Marisol

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Today I wanted to highlight a video that truly captured my attention. It is Over It by This Wild Life. I know it has been out for over a month now but I just got around to seeing it for the first time. I love it! I love the return of, real music videos. The kind of videos that tell a story, capture feelings and emotions of a song and bring them to life on the screen.   This video is the perfect example of that and is deserving of your attention. It is a well crafted production with an emotionally driven story line and just like the song, will feed your soul. Check it out here:

This Wild Life has been busy on Warped Tour this summer and have been getting a lot of well deserved praise for their debut full length album, Clouded which is out now on Epitaph Records and you can pick it up on iTunes here.   Also just yesterday we announced This Wild Life will be joining Beartooth as special guests for the Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens World Tour which starts in November. The tour is presented by Rockstar Energy Drink and check out the video promo here:


So make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. There are still dates of Warped Tour left to catch them on the Warheads Stage.

~ Marisol

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Need some Sleaze Rock n Roll to infect your soul? Well, then I have just the band for you; Rockstars On Mars. These guys are breathing the Vodka tinged air back into Sleaze Rock and having you crank up the music to 11, and you begging for more. It is time for you to check out these guys and see how they make being dirty and bad, feel oh so good!

Band Members:

  • London LeGrand – Lead Vocals /harmonica/percussions/piano
  • Dave – Bass Guitar /back vocals
  • Johnny – Guitars /back vocals
  • Caesar – Drums /percussion/back vocals

We had the opportunity to interview vocalist London LeGrand who you may know from his time with hard rock super group Brides Of Destruction with Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe and Tracii Guns of L.A. Guns.  One thing is for sure, London is the real deal who calls it like it is and says exactly what is on his mind. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Just makes me love these guys even more. So grab a drink, put on some Rockstars on Mars and check out our Q & A here:

* * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Thank you very much for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press! First, I have to ask…How in the hell did you guys get to Mars???

London: u mean MARS as a location ? as in ROCKSTARS ON MARS ? our band name and a term we’ve used before to fuck with one another that means “FUCKED UP CRACK HEADS” ? its easy , all u gotta do is commit SOCIAL SUICIDE too ! its fun lol! its called rock n` roll, real rock n roll! trying to start or recrank the motor on a music movement thats not everybody yet gets.. this is like viking shit .We are saying fuck it , we´re setting sail and gonna make our society that gets us rather than moving over after the buildings are up and all the work has been done, or waiting around like ones that are pissed off cause shit aint moving fast enough but don’t do their part to start that band . FUCK THAT! we are up on that stage with broken equipment ,shit shorting out,so fucked up were falling off stage and usually just dangling by a thread ..but were doing it .. cause were not waiting until we HAVE what we don’t to scream FUCKING HEAR US!!! U WILL NEVER KILL ROCKING ROLL !! we´ll do it with broken acoustic guitars if we have to, and no mic and shove our rusty broken stings up somebody`s ass if they try to stop us or snob out on us cause we got the balls to do it anyway we have to.

Music Junkie Press: All kidding aside, we love your music, it is definitely bringing back the great sleaze rock music back to the forefront where it belongs. How did Rockstars On Mars form?

London: ..its wasn’t hard to find one another even in rock city DEATH METAL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD “GOTHENBURG,SE.” .. we are those rodeo clowns that wonder what the fuck people are talking about when they look at us like we are rodeo clowns.. that shits been going on for years though.. but one night, went to a club called ROCK BAR a well known in Gothenburg, got TOO DRUNK TOO FUCK and realized we were some of the last standing that looked like rodeo clowns ,That night we decided to start a BAND that dirty little sleaze glam rocker girls would be into. Now we have some new clothes and a shit-ton of make up. Thanx ladies.

Music Junkie Press: How did the name come up?

London: we were gonna go with “music junkie” but we couldn’t find any sleaze rock like we had in the 80´s so the shooting up stopped and we went to music rehab.. ROCKSTARS ON MARS is the aftermath to a Valium and a cup of coffee ,so to speak . How did u come up with your name ? Just kidding we love u cats but if we weren’t dicks ,would u love us?


Music Junkie Press: Well, you got me there and we would still love ya! Can you tell us a little bit about each of you? Maybe three things we wouldn’t know?

London: we`re white trash , mentally insane,a fuck the rules sleazy glam rock ,smart ass band of motherfuckers that luv baby chickens lol! girls ! chicks rock ! most people think we are innocent POP with our singers new tattoo that reads “FILTHY WHORE” lol!

Music Junkie Press: We are loving the song and video Too Kool For Skool! Will you be releasing an album or EP soon where we can pick up the song here in the US?

London: man ,we just released a 8 song self titled ep on our very own DIRTY SLUT RECORDS®. Our sexy ass friend “Martin Sweet” from “CRASHDIET” mastered the songs for us too .. TOO KOOL was recently featured on Nicke Borg from BACKYARD BABIES radio show on Bandit Rock but that was before MARTIN got a hold of it and gave it a even harder dirtier punch in the face that we knew he could and would do. THANK YOU NICKE n´ MARTIN!!! You can find our cd on Facebook and our webstore ,we feel thats the coolest way to get it cause u have cd in hand with the album art like it was meant to have .. u can also get it on itunes & Google play but at the web store we got shirts,photos,g string panties (those are cool) buttons and pins and shit ..soon were adding ROCKSTARS ON MARS baseball caps and they are the 80s sleaze glam ones ,with the mesh in the back, that look cool as shit backwards with a bandanna … wanna get one?

Music Junkie Press: I was hoping that you had an EP out. I will have to see if we can get it here in the US. We love the new video for Too Kool For Skool, who did you work with on the video?

London: Rene U Valdez @ Greenworks , he’s the perfect cat for us ..he understands what were doing..he knows the Faster Pussycat ,Vain, Seahags, Dogs d ámour,old GnR, D.A.D., Johnny Crash just to mention a few video vibes that we´re into.. He gets it. He’s done some vids for HARDCORE SUPERSTAR , ADDICTION FOR DESTRUCTION, THE BACKYARD BABIES ,NICKE BORGS HOMELAND ,DREGEN ,ANVIL , INFLAMES… ROCKSTARS ON MARS has 2 with him so far we are in the middle of a third with him that is in the cans, right next to the TRASH cans lol! LIKE WE LIKE IT ! it should be out at later date .. the videos are available on youtube or our website.

Music Junkie Press: We understand that you have been working with Martin Sweet of Crashdiet, how did that come about?

London: Well we’ve been friends with CRASHDIET for a while now, but a tattooist friend of mine in LA turned me on to them a while ago. First time I heard them it was like waking from a coma and it was 86 all over again ,I couldn’t believe it was a new band! fucking cool!! It’s like this in the sleaze glam scene in Sweden, from head to toe, heart to soul ,the lifestyle, everything that many have thought of being only of yesteryears is very alive and kicking ,and not a trend but a culture and still is made up of those same street kids that would never and will never give up and this attitude explodes through the music as real as it ever did before. It’s sleazy, it’s dirty, at times feels like a train wreck waiting to happen, it’s loved, its hated ,It’s misunderstood, but no matter what it is ,it stays hungry it’s rude , it fights for it’s kind ,it’s perfect because it’s unperfect.. It’s rock n roll! IT’S “FUCK YOU ROCK N ROLL”! Now u add shit tons of make up, the most fucked up shit we can find to wear, while getting off everytime we get sneared at by the same people that act like they would’ve worshiped the PMRC long ago and mix in that we surf your couches, aint got no jobs, people half the our age sometimes even look at u like “grow the fuck up”, not to mention we will blow your computers up with porn lol! ,drink everything u got then puke on your welcome mats cause u tell us we have to leave and combine that with a couple of cigarette burns in the carpet and i guess you have to ask yourself ,anyone who wants to work with US fucked up “perma kids” and supporting what WE call rock n roll are ones of us and deserve us never to quit and leave them to stand alone. Finding ones that tell us to fuck off is a dime a dozen but ones that are on our side that´s another story we are their family …dysfunctional family yes but none the less. Now, to answer your question , we stalked them at their shows until we all became friends lol! jk we love the fuck outta them and PETER LONDON bassist from CRASHDIET is at the moment talking to us about playing rhythm guitar in ROCKSTARS ON MARS . They’re are pics on Facebook with us passed out drunk in the park in the grass with about 10 people. THAT WAS OUR BUSINESS MEETING ..

Music Junkie Press: Can you tell us what you are currently working on?


1.getting PETER LONDON from CRASHDIET in this shit and us drinking more straight vodka together than Chris Holmes drank on the movie DECLINE OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION pt2 THE METAL YEARS and all his years in W.A.S.P. hehe thats alotta fucking Vodka (fuck it! we´re a thirsty band),

2.getting DAVE some new duct tape to hold his bass to the strap. It keeps breaking accidentally over the heads of people that confuse him for being a sexy chick,yea i don’t think that angry fucker likes guys grabbing his ass too much.

3.getting JONAS some more beer so he can spit it in the crowd when he “jacks off” his guitar neck during his solos (we love it when he does that) its sexy cool (its like ROXX GANG shit!!)

4.getting more porno mags to decorate the stage and a microphone that doesn’t shock when stuck down my pants and fucked on stage , cool Hendrix feedback effect and only a few minor burns to date

Music Junkie Press: I hope you get everything done soon! For your fans who have never seen you live in concert, what can you tell them to expect from a Rockstars on Mars show?

London: hope a clusterfuck ,train wreck,doing it by the skin of our asses,and still after we’ve passed out ,tried to fuck everybody in the audience including hitting on each another lol! , after the ambulances and firetrucks and we are on stretchers in straitjackets it would be an honor to have someone say oh my god , i remember that was once called SLEAZE GLAM and for those who have never seen it,to be inspired to be.

Music Junkie Press: Do you have any plans to tour or come to the USA soon?

London: why not turn the whole planet sleaze glam and lets put rocket boosters on this motherfucker and go where no one’s gone before.. i bet u there are some fine space bitches out there don’t you? BARBARELLA,SUPER GIRL,somebody,anybody!!!!

Music Junkie Press: We can’t wait for Rockstars on Mars to come to California and play! Lastly, what would you like to share with our audience?

London: All that are digging ROCKSTARS ON MARS we fucking love you!!!! and girls in cowboy boots are hot as fuck please wear them, they turn us on!!!

* * * * * * * * *

One thing is for sure, I can’t wait for these guys to get out here and play some shows in California. Now that will be an amazingly entertaining interview. We will make sure to bring them lots of Vodka. porn magazines, and hide our welcome mats! We will have to send out advance notices with tickets that all girls are to wear cowboy boots and for everyone to prepare to be inspired. Get ready for Rockstars on Mars.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and also pick up their self titled CD through their Facebook page or Website. Also be sure to pick up some cool merch! I will leave you with another of their bad ass tracks, Tequila n Gin.

~ Marisol

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